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TL - Chapter 84: Wu Yu 11 (3)

Tan Jiao and I looked at each other, and I saw a look of disappointment in her eyes. She then asked, “The second question: do you know Wu Yu and Zhuang Yu… No, I mean Zhou Xiaoyu. Do you know them?”

After a brief moment of silence, Shen Shiyan replied, “I also have no idea who these two people are. Tan Jiao, did you...encounter some troubles?”

Tan Jiao interrupted him and said, “Last question: did the two of us meet after I rejected you? Or did we ever call each other?”

This time, Shen Shiyan’s silence was longer, yet his answer was also very clear. “No.”

Tan Jiao’s voice softened as she thanked him and ended the call.

Shen Shiyan called back almost immediately. Tan Jiao took a glance at her phone but did not answer it.

She seemed reluctant and said, “I’ll call Zhuang Yu again.”

The result of the call was similar to Shen Shiyan’s. Zhuang Yu was still taking her finals. She had not met Shen Shiyan nor me, and she knew nothing about Yan Yuan’s case. As for…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.