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ZY - Chapter 278- Rather it was you

"Too arrogant!"

 Feng Canghai's face turned green and right behind him, Lin Songyan pulled out his blade. He rode a black horse and raged, "Lin Xi, July Wildfire, are you too ignoring Elements? Since that is the case then let's go hard on them. Brothers, together, let's kill the both of them!"

 Instantly, the Elements members pulled out their swords and they all couldn't take it anymore.


 Feng Canghai's face sunk, "Without my orders who dare to attack!?"

 All of a sudden, everyone was rooted to the spot.

 Mars River smiled, "en, right, Lin Xi is from With You and they are our allies. Naturally, we won't attack our allies, but this July Wildfire..."

 Old Mountain nodded, "Understood, brothers prepare to fire!"

 Within 40 yards, at least 20 Elements players started to channel their skills. They pointed their swords, arrows, spells all at me. It was obvious that Mars River meant that they couldn't offend With You but they could offend me.


Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by ryangohsf. Edited by Mugi.