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ZY - Chapter 276- Ambushing Lin Xi

"Shen Mingxuan!"

 I used War Trample right away and shook a Breaking Dawn Assassin out from Stealth. At the same time, I used Self-sacrifice to protect Shen Mingxuan. I pointed towards the south and shouted, "Flee towards the south, quick, don't get stunned by them!"


 Shen Mingxuan gritted her teeth and moved really quickly. At the same time, she turned and used Seven Star Shot to kill Breaking Dawn Destruction while I activated Ash Fortress. I chased behind Shen Mingxuan as a large number of Breaking Dawn Assassins attacked and a dense amount of damage numbers rose up. My equipment had an advantage but I was outnumbered and Assassins had armor penetration!

 In the distance, a bright light shot out from the forest. This was an Archer called Breaking Dawn Mist. He had hidden in the forest and used Stun Shot to stun Shen Mingxuan! Shen Mingxuan's beautiful body stood on the grassland and didn't move at all.


 I tried my best to run forwards and the …

Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by ryangohsf. Edited by Mugi.