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ZY - Chapter 280- Flame Tortoise Armor


    After changing accounts, the majestic Paladin disappeared and a golden light smashed into the earth. The Shura Assassin appeared, his body giving off thick killing energy and his daggers shining a cold glow. Golden energy surged all around and it was as if I had come from the depths of hell.

    But, when I walked a few steps forward, I was actually unable to see the Flame Turtles' level. How high was it?

    I activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye!

    Instantly, the Flame Turtles' stats appeared in front of my eyes. Indeed, they were much higher than my Assassin account--

    Flame Turtle (Unique Grade Monster)

    Level: 85

    Attack: 8500-10050

    Defence: 9000

    Health: 1000000

    Skill: Flame Smash, Magma Armor, Flame Trample

    Introduction: Flame Turtle, a turtle that contains strong flame laws. These turtles spend long years by the shore and consume the crabs, squi…

Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by ryangohsf. Edited by Mugi.