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ZY - Chapter 272- I will raise you

"Qiu qiu~~~"

 I walked into the maple forest and my body was covered in a pale White Cloak veil. The other living beings couldn't see me. I looked into the distance and on a tree nearby, three birds were flapping their wings. They were birds with fire red feathers. When they spread their wings they were around the size of a grinding disc and they looked like eagles.

 I found them!

 I walked forwards and activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. I immediately confirmed that they were three Flame Birds and their stats appeared in front of my eyes--

 Flame Bird (Unique Grade Monster)

 Level: 82

 Attack: 7000-9250

 Defence: 5000

 Health: 800000

 Skill: Eagle Strike, Peck, Flame Strike

 Introduction: Flame Bird, a living being formed from flame essence. This Flame Bird has strong fire law attainments and can swallow flames. Moreover, its body has evolved such that its claws can pierce through shields. It has ravaged Red Valley for many years but Bahuang Mar…

Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by ryangohsf. Edited by Mugi.