Chapter 271- Flame bird
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Zhan Yue Chapter 271- Flame bird


Character data read. My Paladin account appeared in Linchen County. Not far away, Ah Fei appeared too and he got online nearly at the same time as me.


He was careful and didn't wave to me. He send a message, "You are online!"


"Right, I can reach level 60 today."

He said seriously, "I got the level 6 spirit ink recipe from my Master and will send it to you. You can get to work!"

"Your sister!"

I was annoyed, "You only know how to make me work!"

"Damn, you dare to say you don't feel good when you get money?"

"That is true..."

"Hahaha, collect them. Level 6 inscriptions can let us gain a huge bunch!"

"En, I know."


I sucked in a deep breath and stepped deep into Great Sage Hall to change to my Shura account. Currently, the forums didn't have any of those high grade materials so I could only head to Black Castle. The NPCs there could point me a path.


Black Castle was quiet as usual.

But when I passed by Land of Reincarnation, the scenes had changed. There weren't those people with whips and there weren't any cavalry. There were just undead skeletons working the furnaces. Land of Reincarnation had changed and it wasn't Zhuang Huai Shui's era anymore.

Time to head to Precious Treasure Pavilion first.

Precious Treasure Pavilion was still full and there were cheaters selling things again. I headed to the counter and saw a beautiful attendant. She grabbed my arm, "Sir July Wildfire, you finally came!"

"En en, yes. I want to buy a few materials."

"Please speak."

I looked at the recipe that Ah Fei send me, "Flame Spirit Feather, Blue Ocean Sand, Wind Soul Grass, Fire Turtle Shell, do you have any of them?"

"Ah? !"

She was stunned and went to check, "We have Wind Soul Grass and Blue Ocean Sand but Fire Turtle Shell and Flame Spirit Feather are expensive and we don't have any."


I nodded and smiled. I looked at the price of Wind Soul Grass and Blue Ocean Sand and noticed that previously I had spent too much and was only left with 500 thousand. I had to earn more first if not I couldn't buy too many.

Head out, I shall not buy first.

I followed the mountain path and looked towards Wind Cloud Platform. Master wasn't here so the two elders was in charge. I was not close to them so I didn't ask them. I headed towards the Blood Pool to find Senior Sister Yun!


Black Castle, inner city.

Just when I wanted to pass through the door, two undead cavalry stopped me. One of them said solemnly, "July Wildfire you have no pass and you are not a disciple of the three divisions, you can't head in like that!"


I frowned.

I was blocked again. I done so much for Black Castle so why didn't they allow me to enter. I wanted to see Senior Sister Yun so I shouted, "Senior Sister Yun they are blocking me out again!"


Her voice spread out. A few seconds later she flew out and appeaerd within the city. Those two undead cavalry knelt down right away, "Greetings Lady Yun Yue!"


She smiled, "July Wildfire is my disciple, I will bring him to Blood Pond, is that okay?"

"Of course not!"


She looked at me, "Follow me."


I followed behind her. This time she walked on the ground, beneath her skirt, her thin waist and hibs twisted as she walked. It was hard to imagine that she was actually an NPC. Such a person could make one's blood spurt out. However, she was an ice beauty, the second strongest in Black Castle so no one dared to take more looks at her.

"Master is healing up in the back mountain."

She turned around and smiled, "He was badly injured and can't chair things for a short period of time. Your strength has reached a level that I can recognise you, is it time we fulfil our promises? As long as you are willing, I can take you as my Junior Brother and advise you."

I nodded, "I can, but Ding Heng will always be my Master."

"I know~~"

She laughed, "You really have so many things! From today on, you are a three division disciple. This is your new token, take it."


A token made of warm jade landed in my hands and on it were slivers of inscription light. My previous token disappeared and was replaced by this. I held it and placed my life mark in. I felt a bit of sadness as I was no longer a Wind Cloud Platform disciple anymore.

"Senior Sister."

I held my token and asked, "Do I still have rights to join in the Wind Cloud Platform trial?"


She shook her head and annoyance appeared on her face, "You are already my Junior Brother, do you still want to go to such a place?"

My face turned red, "Senior Sister is right..."

She smiled and scoffed, "Okay, since you are in Blood Pool, I can give you quests openly now. So why did you come find me?"

"I need to find two materials badly."


"Flame Spirit Feather and Fire Turtle Shell, does Senior Sister know about them?"

She laughed, "Oh so these two low quality materials..."

"Low quality..."

I was speechless. Precious Treasure Pavilion didn't have them and even the attendant said it was high quality. However, over here it was like grass.

"Flame Spirit Feather is the feather of the Flame Bird, as long as you can find the bird you can find the feather."

She looked right at me, "As for Fire Turtle Shell, it is the shell of the Flame Turtle. It is a wild animal on the east shore. See, Senior Sister knows everything right?"

I was annoyed, "Do you have the exact location of the Flame Bird?"


She stretched and instantly her exquisite body could be seen, "Flame Bird is a bird formed from flame laws and is everywhere on the continent. As for exact location, I forgot. When I traveled, I cooked these birds and they tasted so good..."

My mouth twitched, "Senior Sister don't do that, it is not good!"


She opened her eyes wide.

I said lazily, "Anyways it is not good and will cause illnesses."


She nodded, "Okay you have asked what you wanted. Go train where you want to, I need to go into secluded meditation too. Since you are finding Flame Birds, the inner city is giving out rewards. Collect 3000 of them, the inner city need them to feed the mounts of the cavalry."

"Ah? The undead cavalry eat meat?"


She stared at me, "If they eat grass then how can they gallop with 400 kg heavy armor adn men?"


Right at that moment, a bell rang and the quest really came--


System notification: You obtained quest Collect Flame Bird (S Grade)!

Quest details: Collect 3000 Flame Bird corpses and bring it to Yun Yue. You will obtain huge rewards!


En, S Grade quest, not bad. Time to work!

I kept my token into my bag and teleported to Heaven and Earth Pavilion. I oepend the forums to take a look and found traces of FLame Bird. They were in the Red Valley south of Linchen County. A herb collector found the news and it was said that he got pecked to death by them.

I was so strong so I shouldn't get pecked to death right?


My Shura account appeared in the old teleportation formation and I entered White Cloak state right away. I headed south, using Quickness and moving quick as lightning!

It was good that my Assassin account was here. I was near to Ah Fei and could assist him. i was also near to the few With You girls. Anyways, at the current stage, the situation in Linchen County wasn't good for me. Ah Fei was hunted by For Dreams and With You was fighting with Breaking Dawn and Elements. A war was definitely going to start.


Half an hour later, I was in Red Valley.

"Hu hu~~"

I stood on the hill and the gentle breeze blew towards me. In front of me was a valley covered in red maple trees. There were some shrubs and bushes around that were also covered in red. Apart from the mountain range and pieces of stone, the whole place was red, which was how it got its name.

"Chirp chirp~~"

In the distance, one could hear birds chirping. I knew that I was in the right place!

I jumped and stepped on the stone and grass to enter the valley. At the same time I was speechless. The pet system was open and when people were trying to figure that out, I was actually here getting materials. I really didn't care about the patch at all!

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