Chapter 272- I will raise you
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Zhan Yue Chapter 272- I will raise you

"Qiu qiu~~~"

I walked into the maple forest and my body was covered in a pale White Cloak veil. The other living beings couldn't see me. I looked into the distance and on a tree nearby, three birds were flapping their wings. They were birds with fire red feathers. When they spread their wings they were around the size of a grinding disc and they looked like eagles.

I found them!

I walked forwards and activated Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. I immediately confirmed that they were three Flame Birds and their stats appeared in front of my eyes--

Flame Bird (Unique Grade Monster)

Level: 82

Attack: 7000-9250

Defence: 5000

Health: 800000

Skill: Eagle Strike, Peck, Flame Strike

Introduction: Flame Bird, a living being formed from flame essence. This Flame Bird has strong fire law attainments and can swallow flames. Moreover, its body has evolved such that its claws can pierce through shields. It has ravaged Red Valley for many years but Bahuang Marquis Lin Huang isn't able to deal with it. Naturally, he won't send more soldiers over to die. Young adventurer, if you see Flame Birds, avoid them if not you will be unlucky.


"Sounds so dangerous..."

I looked at the final sentence of the introduction and dissed. In truth, Illusionary Moon made monsters all sound so dangerous. Their introductions told one not to fight them or one would die. But the truth wasn't so terrifying. Anyways, I had to try. If I didn't then how would I know that I couldn't beat it.


I stepped forwards and there were three of them in the air. It was time to show my skills. I raised my hand and placed down a Bloodthirst Banner. In the next second, I raised my left hand and my sleeve arrows shot forth, using Cloud Piercing Arrow on one of them.



Five times true damage, this damage was quite decent. The instance that I fired, the three Flame Birds were all aggroed towards me. They charged forth and gave out a ear piercing screech. They were really quick and their claws were covered in a golden glow, activating Eagle Strike!


I stepped on the ground and retreated. As an Assassin, my Agility was my advantage. I dodged their three attacks and shook Lunar Eclipse, "Pata", the Flame Bird at the front was stunned. Time to let it calm down until I finished the remaining two!

"Ang ang!"

The Flame Bird's chirps were really noisy. The two of them actually used peck at the same time. They were so quick such that I couldn't dodge at all. I stabbed another Bloodthirst Banner down and while I tanked two pecks, I used Hunter's Edge+Flames of Karma on one of them. Many five digit damage numbers rose up. I then used Gouge+Godslaying Blade and just like that, one of them were finished.

At that moment, the second Flame Bird was covered in flame light. It opened its mouth and shot out flames.

This was Flame Strike and instantly I was bathing in flames and lost 10 thousand health. Fortunately, I had 50 thousand health and could tank it. Moreover, my lifesteal was at 20%. Without using Blood Drawing Blade, I could still kill monsters to recover.

Thus, I just tanked and killed. In ten seconds I dealt with the other Flame Bird. I then charged towards the third one and spent another ten seconds to kill it.


My experience bar jumped. The experience from three level 82 Unique Grade monsters was really generous and each also gave 2-3 gold. Just the gold alone was enough.

Unfortunately, not a single Flame Spirit Feather dropped. What was going on?

I frowned. This was probably due to the droprate?

Continue, there were still many Flame Birds in the forest!


I walked a few steps forwards and in the sky above, many Flame Birds appeared. They weren't really dense, they usually appeared in groups of 2-3 and there weren't any lone ones. This was probably why no one trained here. In truth, 2-3 of them attacking you would be too much for normal teams. Especially with Eagle Strike+Peck, current quasi first rate players might be instantly killed and they won't even have time to heal.

As for me, with my Agility advantage allowed me to avoid the first round. Moreover, my stats were so strong. In terms of tankiness, I was no weaker than any heavy armored player!

Thus, this Red Valley that no one came to became my leveling paradise.

I looked into the sky and another group of three birds circled. They were all bunched together and if you attracted one, you would attract the others. When I used Cloud Piercing Arrow, I noticed that one of the feathers looked weird. On close look, it was a seven colored feather!

But it was still a normal Flame Bird with same stats. My heart shook. Right, only by killing this Flame Bird could I get Flame Spirit Feathers. Probably this Flame Bird had a mutation that gave it a different feather.

This made sense!


I used the same strategy. I placed two Bloodthirst Banners to help me and then I prepared to attack. Moreover, this time I was not alone. I summoned Orange Night and White Bird, "Help me."

"Yes Master!" Orange Night held the Demon Spear and nodded his head.

White Bird held her broken sword and her eyes were still quite lost, "Finally... I can fight again..."

I was a little apologetic, "Haha, I have been too busy and couldn't release you two. Sorry."

I attracted the three birds. With the puppets helping, things were much quicker. Especially with White Bird's attacks, One Sword+Lightning Blade+Meteor Sword could deal 300 thousand damage. With our combination, we could end the fight in 3-5 seconds.

"Pa ta!"

When I backstabbed the Flame Bird with the seven colored feather, it rolled in the sky and dropped 3 gold. At the same time, a seven colored feather dropped onto the ground. A flame light wrapped around it and it looked really pure. I looked at it and confirmed that it was the Flame Spirit Feather, a material that I badly needed.

Ten seconds later, the three Flame Birds were dealt with. I felt quite happy deep down. This place was a treasure land, not only could I get materials, I could do quests too. At the same time, the experience was really generous too. I was killing three birds with one stone and it felt so good.


Thus, I continued.

Roughly 7-8 minutes later, I killed at least 200 Flame Birds. When I killed one of them, a bell rang--


System notification: Congratulations, due to your cultivation, bloodline power +1!


Bloodline power increased!?

I laughed. Bloodline Power was what Flames consumed. Maybe because I went offline so the increase was quite slow. The Bloodline Power would increase along with rest and replenishment. one could also gain bloodline power from killing monsters. This was something that I didn't expect.

Like this, I could gather Bloodline Power to 100 and that meant that I can use Flames for 100 minutes. Apart from Lin Xi who had White Star form, who else could stop me?

All of a sudden, images of me sweeping everyone appeared in my mind. Flames form me would be covered in thick fire and my arms would have two fiery god weapons. I would slash around the players and slashed layers of killing energy to shatter their bodies. Cavalry players would be toppled and in the end I would stand above their corpses. Nine words would appear in the air behind me, "If Lin Xi is not here, who will stop me?"

Thinking about it, those scenes were so phenomenal!

"Qiu qiu~~~"

Right when I was dreaming, the sound of Flame Birds rang out above my head. I was pulled back to reality. Cough cough, just kill monsters, what was the point in thinking so much?

Half an hour later.

When I was fighting well with a Flame Bird, I got a message from Lin Xi, "Lu Li I saw a ring in the auction house, do you want it?'

She sent a screenshot of a super purple ring that added healing effect. This was a first rate Paladin equipment. Apart from orange grade healing rings, if not this was a top one

"Not bad, is it expensive?" I asked.


She nodded, "But I can discuss with them. I just collected a Mage ring, along with some gold I should be able to trade for it. Do you want it, if you want then I shall trade."

"Yes, thank you Boss!"

She burst out laughing, "Why are you so polite for, you are With You's Paladin. If I don't raise you, who will I raise?"

I was speechless. She switched off the message system. Although Lin Xi's words didn't have any other meaning, after all she was With You's No.1. She did have the responsibility to get equipment for the rest of us, but when she said she would raise me, my heart started to beat quickly.

Haiz, I was really hopeless!

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