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ZY - Chapter 270- Mysteries of nature

A night without words.

The next day, although I wanted to sleep in, but my biological clock did not allow me to do so. I still woke up at 8. After having breakfast, the group of us sat leisurely on the second floor.

Lin Xi was dressed in a beige skirt and she just sat at the side with a book in her left. She drank from the coffee mug in her right. She seemed really demure, totally different from how she was in game. I was behind her hugging a bolster and holding the tv remote.


Lin Xi placed down the book in her hands and turned towards Mingxuan, "Why not... We make an exception today, let's drink milk tea again. I want matcha flavoured one..."

Shen Mingxuan burst out laughing, "I wanted to go out to buy clothes. Ruyi will follow me. When we get back, I will get some for you. Lu Li stay at home and take care of Lin Xi."

"What do you mean take care?"

Lin Xi stared, "I can't take care of myself?"

Shen Mingxuan laughed, "Okay Lu Li then just accompany her and don't run around. If she needs help then it is down to you."


I nodded, "Don't worry, leave Lin Xi's morning to me. I will complete the quest that the party has given me!"

Lin Xi smiled, "So have I become a quest npc?"

Shen Mingxuan stood up and kissed Lin Xi's cheeks, "Okay, Ruyi and I will head out. The two of you just stay here and watch tv. We will be back an hour later. Lu Li what do you want to drink?"

"Wildberry milk tea, normal sweetness, slightly warm."


Not long later, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi wore beautifully and went to stroll the market.


The studio instantly became quiet and only Lin Xi and I were left. She held a book called Mysteries of Nature and I used my phone. I looked at her and her beautiful eyes looked at me. After all, this was the first time we spent time together so I found it slightly awkward. I said with a dry voice, "Lin Xi, why not... We watch tv?"

"Eh ah..."

She placed down her book and rubbed her eyes, "It is indeed quite tiring to read things for too long, let's watch tv."

"What channel would you like to see?"

"Documentaries, let's watch something related to nature..."

"En, okay."

Not long later, I stopped the channel on an english documentary. Moreover, it was a bird type show. On the screen, along with the magnetic commentary, a male bird wanted to mate. So it danced and moved about the branches.

All of a sudden, Lin Xi burst out laughing, "Its movement is so interesting, I think it is better than Feng Canghai!"

I laughed, "Demonic movement!"

Beside the male bird were many others who helped to dance to attract the female's attention. Lin Xi frowned, "Lu Li you are a guy so let me ask you something."


"When a guy wants to chase a girl, he asks his friends to help. What is the reason?"

I was stunned, "That is a deep question, after all... I have never chased a girl so I don't have experience. But I often help my brothers."

She smiled, "Scoff, who will even believe you~~"

"It is true Lin Xi, believe me."


She continued to watch, "Birds and humans are same, such a love scam is so pointless."

I smiled, "Ah, en... That is true!"

Right at that moment, the female bird flew and landed beside the male. She finally noticed the male!


Lin Xi's face was filled with excitement, "Look, has the female finally gotten attracted!"

I nodded, "Right, this is so interesting!"

At that moment, the male flew up and landed on her body. It moved itself and a second later, it flew up and away~


Lin Xi opened her mouth and her face was filled with disappointement, "This... It is over like that?"

I looked at this beautiful girl, my face was about to turn green.

Her face turned red and she tried to explain, "I think... It danced and also got its brothers to help, it was busy for so long, but only one second..."

"You don't have to explain!"

I smiled, "Lin Xi I trust that you are not such a person!"

Her face turned ever redder, "Like I will believe you..."


Fortunately, the bird program ended quickly. Not long later, various bugs appeared on the tv. These type of animal shows only had two themes, one was survival and the other was mating. The main character was a bug that crawled on trees and had a pincer on its head.

Lord David's commentary was so deep and rich. On the tree, a male bug was climbing up bravely and its target was a female bug at the higher areas. Another male bug appeared and it was the challenger. They battled and in the end, it used its horn to push the other bug off the tree!


Lin Xi hugged the pillow and looked towards me. "Lu Li are guys all like this. To get a good girl, they would defeat one competitor after another?"

"How would I know!"

I was annoyed, "A pure boy is sitting in front of you, how would I know about all this?"

She opened her eyes and looked at me. After a few seconds she said, "Please move aside, I want to see what a pure boy looks like."

In the next second, the two of us just looked at one another. Three seconds later, we both laughed.

After which, we just sat on the sofa and continued to watch the tv.

Not long later, the male climbed up the branches and after hitting the last competitor down, it was in front of the female bug.

Lin Xi looked on with interest.

My face turned red and I asked, "Lin Xi what are they doing?"

"Enjoying the fruits of love." She said without hesitation.

I laughed, "So fake!"

She laughed too.

Right at that moment, when the male was done, it actually did the same action, using its head to push the female off the branches.

"It really doesn't change..."

Lin Xi looked at me and said, "Scum!"

My heart shook, "Damn, say that to the tv, not towards me!"

She smiled, "Lu Li the aircon is a little cold, bring me a blanket from my bed okay?"


I got up and pushed her door open. Instantly, what I saw was an exquisite but also gentle layout. At the end of the bed was a folded blanket. I grabbed it. Lin Xi was really the true goddess of the server, a girl that all guys wanted to chase. Now I was actually in her room, this... This was so amazing!

I closed the door and passed it to Lin Xi.

She smiled, "You finally saw enough?"


I smiled awkwardly, "No... No, I looked a little, it was exciting..."

"Exciting your head!"

She glared at me and then covered her legs. Her long snow white legs quickly got covered by the blanket.

I looked at her and then said, "Lin Xi, your entire leg can't use strength?"


She said gently, "I can use strength above the knee but my calf nerves were damaged so I can't stand up."

"That is still okay."

I recalled a few famous doctors that I knew and said, "How many doctors did you see? Do you need me to introduce a few better ones?"

"No need~~"

She said, "I was diagnosed long ago. From Tokyo to Shanghai I have seen many. The outcome is the same and that I can only rely on myself to get better. I have a 10% chance of standing up again.


I nodded, "Then work hard and eat and drink well."

She smiled and nodded, "En!"

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At that moment, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi were back. Shen Mingxuan carried her clothes and Gu Ruyi carried the milk tea. Everyone drank them together while watching the shows.

"The pet system is about to open."

I looked at the patch and said, "But they didn't reveal any infomation. They are so secretive, they didn't say anything at all."


Lin Xi frowned, "What are they doing. Logically speaking they should at least release some patch details. Players don't even know how to get pets..."

"Who cares..."

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "What comes will come, people will find out in the end."


Not long later, Shen Mingxuan ordered lunch and it arrived at 11. We ate and after which the maintainance time was about to end.

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At 12, we all went online. I carried the helmet to my guard post. Next would be to challenge the new pet system!

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Written by Shi Luo Ye. Translated by Goh Shao Feng Ryan.