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IGK - Chapter 31.1: A Cultivation Technique That Screws With Descendants (1/2)

Zhang Zhengdao lost consciousness. Wang Ke immediately inspected him and found that he had only fainted; he wasn’t poisoned!

“Is it that smelly? You’re nuts!” Wang Ke spat at Zhang Zhengdao in disdain.

After that, he sat down and manifested his turbid essence Qi again to take a whiff. He wasn’t affected since he was the one generating it.

“Smelly, you say? I don’t think so!” Wang Ke muttered to himself in confusion.

But, after looking at Zhang Zhengdao, who was still foaming at the mouth, Wang Ke eventually accepted the truth.

He closed his eyes and sunk his mind into his core cradle, then began to read the densely packed words of the “Indestructible Solar Divine Cultivation Technique.”

Turbid essence Qi! Qi of the most extreme turbidity in all heavens and the earth, foul-smelling and flammable, Wang Ke read.

Turbid Qi? Flammable? Doesn’t that sound like those marsh gas tanks from earth? Flammable gas obtained from the fermentation of food and other waste? Like methane, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and so on… I’m cultivating with the Indestructible Solar Divine Cultivation Technique. Why am I getting this sciency stuff?” Wang Ke mumbled to himself as he observed the golden ball of turbid Qi in his palm.

Foul-smelling and flammable? Could the “Solar” in the “Indestructible Solar Divine Cultivation Technique” mean flammable?This... How reckless!What do they think the cultivator’s body is?A Fermentation tank?

“Impossible. My ‘Indestructible Solar Divine Cultivation Technique’ was handed down by my ancestors. There are two million words in this! How can it be just like this? I’m surely misunderstanding something. Things will definitely be different as I progress!” Wang Ke tried to convince himself.

He continued reading the technique’s document and soon stumbled upon a line.

‘Turbid Qi can absorb all kinds of power and change its color. The gold color is the weakest state, while black is the most powerful! When it reaches super black, it will become self-flammable! You can use Virtue Merit to turn it back into gold!’ Wang Ke read.

His eyelid twitched uncontrollably as he went on.

The gold turbid essence Qi is not the smelliest?The darker it becomes, the smellier it will be?Also, what does it mean by self-flammable when it’s in the super black state?When the turbid essence Qi becomes super black, it can light itself up?It’s going to burn on its own?Damn, doesn’t that mean I will die immolated?Impossible. I must have misunderstood something.

Wang Ke suddenly remembered the introductory summary of the manual: “If you want to cultivate with this technique, you must earn Virtue Merit. If you play with fire, you may immolate yourself!”

Wang Ke: “..........................!”

He understood correctly. If the turbid essence Qi became super black, he would go up in flames. He would have to use Virtue Merit to change its color.

Is the technique used for cultivation or committing suicide? Wang Ke complained with glaring eyes.

He had spent more than a million pounds worth of spirit stones to cultivate the technique. And what did he get? That? A cultivation technique that could lead him to self combustion at any moment? He would start burning as he cultivated? Was it to burn himself to ashes so that he could ascend to the heavens?

Wang Ke wiped the sweat off his face.

No, I must stop using this cultivation technique. I cannot go on with it! It’s all my fault... Uh no, it’s all my revered teacher’s fault! All because he told me to cultivate as I read the manual. If I had finished reading it first, I wouldn't have picked this self-sabotaging technique! Wang Ke read on nervously.

‘The generation of turbid Qi cannot be stopped. The entire body becomes turbid; it’s irreversible. If restarting cultivation with another technique is desired, self-immolation and reincarnation is the only way!’

After reading that line, Wang Ke was stupefied. F***. Can this still be considered human?Why must I self-immolate before I can remove this cultivation technique?

Wang Ke wiped the droplets of sweat off his face and flung them to the floor. He sat by the pool for a long time before mumbling to himself, “I’ve mistakenly boarded a pirate ship! I can’t get out of it? O my ancestors, my Wang family ancestors! Why have you passed down a cultivation technique that screws with your descendants!”

Wang Ke felt deeply frustrated for a long time; Zhang Zhengdao then slowly regained his consciousness.

“Zhang Zhengdao, how are you feeling?” Wang Ke looked at his friend.

The latter’s face was still a bit stiff, as though his nerves would have been overstimulated just then. It took him a while to come back to himself.

“Wang Ke, you... What cultivation technique is that? You, you…!” Zhang Zhengdao stared at Wang Ke with a terrified face.

“I…? It could be an accident…!” Wang Ke replied with a bitter smile.

“It’s too powerful! Can you teach me this cultivation technique?” Zhang Zhengdao suddenly pleaded again, clearly excited.

“What?” Wang Ke was stunned.

“You’re only at the first level Innate warrior, but your essence Qi made a Golden Core cultivator like me pass out. Wouldn’t that make you invincible in fights? Who could stand to fight you? When you release that pungent smell, every human and horse within a thirty-meter radius will faint; no one can come close to you! I like it! Teach me, please. I can abolish my cultivation and restart with your technique. I want to learn it!” Zhang Zhengdao said, getting more excited by the prospect.

“You must have gone insane because of the smell!” Wang Ke looked at Zhang Zhengdao in astonishment.

“I’m very much awake!” Zhang Zhengdao urged.

“I’m cultivating with the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s ‘Fire Divine Cultivation Technique.’ You can go to the Cultivation Technique Library so you can grab a copy for yourself!” Wang Ke lied with a straight face.

“Bullsh*t. You think I don’t know about the Fire Divine Cultivation Technique? How can it look like that?” Zhang Zhengdao didn’t believe him.

“Maybe the technique went haywire and mutated because of my unique physique!” Wang Ke insisted.

A mutation caused by the cultivation technique? What a vivid imagination!

“Fine! Don’t tell me then! You iron rooster!” Zhang Zhengdao was frustrated.

“Remember, I’m cultivating with the ‘Fire Divine Cultivation Technique.’ Don’t expose me when you step out of this door!” Wang Ke shot him a stare.

“What if I expose you?” Zhang Zhengdao wasn't the least afraid.

Wang Ke’s face turned grim; another ball of essence Qi appeared in his palm, “If you dare to expose me, I will treat you to a Rasengan every time I see you!”

Zhang Zhengdao froze. That smell just now?I’m going to smell that every time I see you?

Zhang Zhengdao instantly replied with a serious expression.“Haha! Of course you’re using the ‘Fire Divine Cultivation Technique’! I would never be mistaken about that!”

“Good!” Wang Ke retracted his essence Qi, satisfied.

The two walked out of the main hall as they spoke.


The gate was flung open, and a group of men in protective gowns swarmed into the hall. They were all Wang Ke’s subordinates, who cried out in pain as though they had been beaten.

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.