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IGK - Chapter 31.2: A Cultivation Technique That Screws With The Descendants (2/2)


“Clan Lord? You are out? Thank goodness!”

“Clan Lord! Someone wants to barge into the main hall!”

“If not for Princess Youyue’s help, they would have disrupted your cultivation!”




The servants on Sword-study Peak got back up with much difficulty.

“Who is it? Which eyeless person dares to cause trouble in the Heavenly Wolf Sect?” Zhang Zhengdao asked with a glare.

Only after seeing that his subordinates weren’t injured did Wang Ke look out of the main hall.

He then saw a veiled Princess Youyue and the other servants trying to stop the offenders anxiously. There were only two of them. One of them was Murong Luguang, while the other looked like a middle-aged woman with a straight and icy face; one could feel chills just by looking at her.

“Zhang Zhengdao, who did you say has no eyes?” the middle-aged woman asked coldly.

Zhang Zhengdao was greatly shocked after he got a clear look at the woman’s face.

“Ahh, me! I’m talking about myself! Hall Lord She, what brought you here? I’m talking about myself! I have no eyes! My eyes are getting smaller these days!” Zhang Zhengdao panicked as he tried to appease her.

“Your eyes are getting smaller indeed! Humph!” The woman harrumphed coldly, but she didn’t appear interested in pursuing the matter.

“Wang Ke, steady yourself. This is the East Wolf Hall Lord, She Miejue! There’s no one in the whole sect who can control her! She’s the most relentless demon slayer in the Heavenly Wolf Sect. She once said she would rather mistakenly kill a hundred than to let one demon escape. She’s one of the most violent women in the entire Ten-thousand Great Mountains. Best be careful!” Zhang Zhengdao whispered to Wang Ke.

East Wolf Hall Lord, She Miejue?

One of the four Hall Lords under the Sect Lord? She was also Murong Luguang’s revered teacher.

“Wang Ke, I couldn’t protect your subordinates. Sorry for troubling you!” Princess Youyue said guiltily.

“Thank you so much, Princess Youyue!” Wang Ke immediately thanked her.

If not for her protection, his men would have ended up worse.

Murong Luguang, who was nearby, tried to console the princess, “Princess Youyue, you don’t have to protect them; they are merely mortal servants. If Wang Ke cultivates using an evil technique, then they surely are accomplices!”

But Wang Ke turned to Zhang Zhengdao and said, “Elder Zhang, Sword-study Peak used to be my teacher’s residence, and he lent it to me temporarily. Now that the East Wolf Hall Lord visits, I’m too insignificant a person to welcome her. Please invite my Revered Teacher over. Guests must be welcomed by the host!”

Zhang Zhengdao understood immediately that Wang Ke was requesting him to get help. If these pair of powerful cultivators wanted to do things the violent way, who would stand against them?Can we take a beating like that?

Of course not! We also have our backing!

“Sure, I’ll go and invite the Sect Lord over right now!” Zhang Zhengdao responded immediately, showing a grateful expression.

He then began running before he finished his sentence; he seemed to fear She Miejue greatly.

Wang Ke took a step forward and said, “I am Wang Ke, a disciple of Chen Tianyuan. Greetings, East Wolf Hall Lord!”

“Are you using the Sect Lord to pressure me?” She Miejue asked indifferently.

“I would never! But this is still Sword-study Peak, after all. Even though Princess Youyue had lost her empire, she’s still a Guest Elder of the Heavenly Wolf Sect. Isn’t it too much for you to beat up her servants?” Wang Ke asked with a deep voice.

“Wang Ke, this has nothing to do with Hall Lord She. She didn't say or do anything. It was all Murong Luguang!” Princess Youyue clarified with a bitter smile.

Murong Luguang immediately stepped forward.

Murong defended himself, saying, “Princess Youyue, I’m worried about you! Wang Ke transported so many poisonous materials into our sect recently. He must be cultivating with an evil cultivation technique. If not, why would you try so hard to defend him? He must have used a malicious technique and brainwashed you. Don’t worry. The Heavenly Wolf Sect is righteous. We will never condone evil cultivation techniques that play around with other people’s minds! My Revered Teacher is here today. I’m going to expose Wang Ke’s evil intentions in front of everyone and release you from his grasp!”

“I’m not bewitched by any evil cultivation technique! Wang Ke is in enclosed cultivation. I merely didn't want you to disturb him!” Princess Youyue was a little frustrated.

“No? Just now, I apologized to you with my Revered Teacher as a witness, hoping to resolve our misunderstanding. Why wouldn’t you believe it? And you even wanted Wang Ke to help you analyze my apology? How did he bewitch you? Do you have to ask for his opinion even on such matters?” Murong Luguang said gloomily.

At that moment, Wang Ke finally understood. Murong Luguang wanted to use an apology to pursue the princess’ love once again, but the princess didn’t agree and used Wang Ke as an excuse. That was why Murong Luguang was raging at him out of envy.

Wang Ke’s mood brightened upon seeing what had happened. He winked at Princess Youyue, who turned her head away shyly and blushed.

“Murong Luguang, you’re the Heavenly Wolf Sect’s eldest apprentice-brother. So many junior apprentice-sisters are in love with you. Why can’t you just let the princess off? Have you forgotten the hurtful words you said to her?” Wang Ke said in disdain.

“That day was just a show for the demons so that my plan to slaughter them would work. It’s impossible that I would dislike Princess Youyue! If I don’t love her, why would I go all the way to the Ghoul Empire to pursue her? Those were fake statements. They’re not truthful words from my heart! Princess, you must believe me! It was unintentional!” Murong Luguang continued to explain himself.

Princess Youyue fell into silence.

“So what if it’s unintentional. You resort to violence so easily, and not even the princess was able to hold you back. You look like you’re inclined to use violence; Whoever marries you will become a victim of domestic violence! Princess, you made the right choice to reject him! Better stay away from that kind of wife-beating man.” Wang Ke added.

Murong Luguang’s face turned as black as the bottom of a pan.

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.