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IGK - Chapter 35.2: Netherborn (2/2)

“Just thank you!” Once again, Wang Ke offered sincere thanks to him.

Murong Luguang: “???????”

The situation was confusing. He stared at Wang Ke for a long while, but was ultimately unable to realize what was wrong. Is Wang Ke nuts?

“Murong Luguang, do you still have the Longing Orb I gave you?” Princess Youyue asked suddenly.

“The Longing Orb? Yes, I still have it!” Murong Luguang’s eyes glowed in hopefulness.

Flipping his hand, he took out a thumb-sized orb from his storage bangle. A worm-like creature was sealed inside the orb. It had eighteen feelers extending toward eighteen different directions. One of them had a faint red glow.

“Can you give it back to me?” Princess Youyue requested.

Murong Luguang’s face blackened. This was her parting gift when he left the Ghoul Empire. It was a token of love from her, but it was a pity that he had not taken it seriously.

“Princess, you have already given this to me. Why ask it back?” Murong Luguang was reluctant.

But Princess Youyue still took it from Murong Luguang’s hands. When she did so, she revealed a bracelet made from eighteen smaller orbs that she was wearing.

She gave a bitter smile while she looked at the Longing Orb in her hand. “This Longing Orb is a pair with this bracelet! Each of these orbs contains a Longing Worm. The one in your orb is the male worm! There are eighteen female worms inside the orbs on my bracelet!!”


“I have thought things through, Murong Luguang, and I think I misunderstood you in the past. I realized you have no feelings for me, at all! My mother gave me the Longing Orb so that I could wear them all the time. Since you have no love for me, I will no longer ask you to take care of my Longing Orb. I shall take it back.” Princess Youyue sighed.

“Princess, I’ve already told you. Everything I said at East Wolf Hall was meant for dealing with the demons. Those words were not genuine. You are always in my heart!” Murong Luguang said anxiously as he tried his best to explain.

He felt how the formerly besotted princess was drifting away from him. He was very worried. Am I losing what should be mine?

“No, you don’t! You know that the Ghoul Empire has been overturned, and you showed no care for me at all!” The princess shook her head.

“How could that be? It’s just that I didn’t know where you were, or else I would have gone to find you!” Murong Luguang kept on explaining.

“You would have already found me a long time ago if that were true. The eighteen feelers of the male worm inside the Longing Orb can sense the female worms. You would have known where I was, just by studying the orb a little! But you didn’t! I tried to keep myself from thinking about this as I made my way over, but the truth is, you didn’t search for me! You didn’t care about whether I was dead or alive!” Princess Youyue said bitterly.

“I, I didn’t know…!” Murong Luguang was at a loss for words.

“It’s not that you did not know. Not once did you take the time to look at the Longing Orb! You must have left it somewhere and forgot about it after you returned!” Wang Ke added oil to the fire.

“You!” Murong Luguang glared at him.

This Wang Ke! I knew his gratitude was fake! Is that how you show gratitude?You, adulterous man!

Princess Youyue appeared determined about what she felt. No matter how he explained himself, it was to no avail.

“Murong Luguang, stop wasting time on me. I’ve already lost the Ghoul Empire and have nothing to my name. Even my face is disfigured! What you saw the other day was just make-up!” Princess Youyue said again.

“Disfigured?” Murong Luguang was stunned.

Wang Ke quickly added to the conversation again, “Princess, the truth is, the scar on your face is nothing. You were as beautiful as a celestial being even when you were wearing that mosaic. Now that there’s only a scar, you are still the most beautiful woman in my eyes!”

Zhang Zhengdao felt a sense of inferiority when considering Wang Ke’s expertise in mushy praises. My skin is still too thin when compared to Wang Ke!I didn’t expect him to have the face to say such mushy things!

But Princess Youyue didn’t think Wang Ke’s words were mushy, at all. She took a glance at Wang Ke and blushed.

Her shy reaction made Murong Luguang’s face turn sour. Illicit couple!How dare you play around and flirt in front of me!

Although only her eyes are visible, they are matchless in terms of beauty. That shy look should have been for me, but now it belongs to another man?

“No, princess, no matter how you look, I would never dislike you! Moreover, we have so many cultivation spells here in the Heavenly Wolf Sect. Any disfigurement can be repaired! Can you let me take a look?” Murong Luguang continued to plead with her.

The princess frowned a little, but she complied. Slowly, she unveiled herself.

The hideous scar was a glaring mark on her face, but it was still unable to offset her matchless beauty.

Such a scar is easy to restore!

Murong Luguang felt immediately relieved, and his hand slowly relaxed. He was about to tell Princess Youyue that he had a way to restore it; this was his specialty, which was a good opportunity to turn the princess’ heart back around.

But before he could speak, the turbid essence Qi in his palm rose to his nostrils because his hand was opened. The unique stench flooded Murong Luguang’s mind in a flash.

Smelly! Never before had he smelled something so smelly!

All the words he had prepared to say were dissipated by the stench; he could only feel explosions in his mind. That foul odor seemed to have gushed into the center of his soul, and his eyes opened wide.


Murong Luguang suddenly retched after seeing the princess’ face. Those eyes of disgust had immediately stunned her, leaving her rooted on the spot.

Murong Luguang vomited at the sight of my face?Am I... Am I that ugly now?

“Blarrgghhh~~~~! Blarrgghhh~~~~!”

Murong Luguang retched nonstop.

Princess Youyue: “................................!”

She Miejue: “............................!”     

Chen Tianyuan: “............................!”

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.