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TL - Chapter 73: Tan Jiao 10 (2)

Somewhere in my heart, I felt a sting when she said that.

Then I continued to tell her about the events that transpired. “On the ship, I even saw Wu Yu’s younger sister. She is supposed to be dead in a month's time, yet she’s somehow alive on that ship?”

“Younger sister?” Zhuang Yu asked. Realizing that Zhuang Yu did not know anything about Wu Yu’s younger sister, I went through everything with her. From how Wu Yu was previously a brilliant student, to the ship, to how we lost our memory. Then how his younger sister was murdered, their mother’s death, and how he gave up on his studies to hunt the killer before ending up as a repairman. Finally, how we appeared back on the ship and back to the present again.

Zhuang Yu was no doubt a salacious lady. After finally explaining everything to her and telling her so many strange events that had occurred to us, her immediate reaction was to give me a weird look before she said, “Tan Jiao, when you talk about Wu Yu, you seem pr…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.