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IGK - Chapter 12.2: Mosaic (2/2)

Zhang Zhengdao asked, appearing puzzled, “You don’t trust my skills?

“Brother Wang, Princess Youyue doesn’t trust me. Why don’t I apply it on you first?” Zhang Zhengdao looked toward Wang Ke.

“No need! I’ll disguise myself!” Wang Ke immediately stopped Zhang Zhengdao from taking another step toward him.

“Brother Wang, you’re full of ideas. How will you disguise yourself? Zhang Zhengdao asked with curiosity.

“The purpose of disguising yourself is to prevent others from recognizing your face. You only have to put some mosaic on your face to achieve this! Your disguise required too much sacrifice!” Wang Ke looked at Zhang Zhengdao’s face disapprovingly.

“Putting some mosaic on your face? What do you mean by this?” Zhang Zhengdao was at a loss.

Wang Ke took out a small bottle. He saw a transparent liquid inside once he opened it.

“This is it. Put this on my face; it’ll work better than yours!” Wang Ke explained.

“You just have to put this on your face? Impossible!” Zhang Zhengdao exclaimed, “My disguising skill is of the highest level.”

The highest level of disguise is to make yourself ugly? Princess Youyue’s eyelids twitched as she looked toward the bottle in Wang Ke’s hands.

The transparent liquid inside the bottle?What effects does it have?But, no matter what the effect is, it must be better than Zhang Zhengdao’s makeup. Princess Youyue immediately poured out half of it and applied it on her face.

“Princess Youyue!” Wang Ke cried out, “That’s too much! ”

However, it was too late. Princess Youyue’s face first turned red, and then countless pimples appeared. Her face instantly became unbearable to look at.


Zhang Zhengdao sucked a breath of air between his teeth. Wang Ke’s disguise is to pour corrosive acid over the face and destroy your looks?

He dares to be this ruthless against his own face?

It’s too damn ruthless!Terrifying!

“What happened? Why does my face feel hot?” Princess Youyue asked in confusion.

She took out a small mirror and looked at her reflection.

“Ahhh! Ghost! Wait, no... This is my face? Nooooooooo!”

Princess Youyue screamed, thinking that her face was beyond saving. She already felt despair because of the scar on her face. Now that her entire face was ruined, Princess Youyue wanted to die on the spot.

Wang Ke instantly reassured her, “Don’t worry. These are only pimples. This liquid is an allergen that stimulates the skin and only grows pimples. Wait until we arrive at the Heavenly Wolf Sect. I’ll give you some anti-inflammatory cream to restore your face!”

“Really?” Princess Youyue looked toward Wang Ke fearfully.

“Yes, don’t worry!” Wang Ke nodded.

As he spoke, he scooped a little and put it on his face; countless pimples instantly popped up on his face, too. Soon, Wang Ke’s handsome looks had been “sealed” by the pimples.

Anyone who wasn't familiar with Wang Ke would have a hard time recognizing him. Although he was still a little ugly, at least he still looked like a human; his face was much better than Princess Youyue’s.

“A little is enough? You should have told me earlier!” Princess Youyue complained angrily.

“I was about to say it, but you acted too quickly!” Wang Ke explained himself.

“Humph!” Princess Youyue snorted unhappily.

“Zhang Zhengdao, do you want some?” Wang Ke asked.

Zhang Zhengdao’s facial muscles twitched unstoppably after looking at Princess Youyue’s face. He replied, “I think... Forget it. I can disguise myself. I don’t need your mosaic!”

“OK! Now that we have nowhere to hide, let’s think about how to get to the Heavenly Wolf Sect!” Wang Ke frowned.

“Weren’t we going to wait for them to stop searching?”

“We can’t wait anymore. Didn’t you see people flying in the sky while we were fleeing just now? It seems like the Golden Crow Sect’s disciples have arrived and took She Tianba under their command. The explosion just now could have been understood as us mocking the Golden Crow Sect. I’m afraid that those strong disciples will assist She Tianba in the hunt for us. We have to leave now!” Wang Ke explained with knitted brows.

“Let’s go then! Lead the way!” Zhang Zhengdao said.

Wang Ke looked at his companions and asked, “I can’t lead the way because I’m haunted by bad luck! Can one of you do it instead?” 

Zhang Zhengdao and Princess Youyue glanced at each other.

“Let me do it!” Princess Youyue agreed.

“You know the way to the Heavenly Wolf Sect?” Wang Ke asked.

“Of course. I’ve seen the map of the Ten-thousand Great Mountains. I know some shortcuts too. We won’t go astray!” Princess Youyue assured Wang Ke as she patted her chest.

“Okay!” The other two nodded.

With Princess Youyue taking the lead, the three of them left the old temple. They journeyed for two days and two nights.

“Things are going well with Princess Youyue’s lead. We didn't encounter anyone searching for us! Haha! We should already be out of their search perimeter by now!” said an excited Zhang Zhengdao.

But Wang Ke frowned slightly, “Why do I have a bad feeling about this?”

“You two have nothing to worry about! You can rest assured with me leading the way!” Princess Youyue said.

Wang Ke fell into silence. Memories of the “Grand Ceremonial Light” were still fresh in his mind. Wang Ke had his reservations when it came to the princess.

Princess Youyue assured them, saying, “See that? We’ll see a cultivation town over the mountain ahead!”

“Is that so?” The uneasiness in Wang Ke’s heart grew stronger.

“Let’s go!”

The three of them climbed over that mountain and reached a flat terrain. Their faces froze, and they came to a dead stop.

“It... seems like there’s an old temple over there...” Princess Youyue said with a confused look.

“It looks... It looks exactly like the temple where we rested two days ago. Even the river is the same? I was putting makeup over there!” Zhang Zhengdao said in a daze.

The three walked up to the old temple and looked at the rotten plaque hanging there.

“Why is it exactly the same?” Wang Ke asked as his face turned black. “Demon Suppressing Temple. We were here previously, and now we are back!”

“We walked in a circle for two days? And now we’re back?” Zhang Zhengdao exclaimed in bewilderment.

“Maybe... could it be…!” Princess Youyue immediately sounded less confident.

“Princess Youyue, don’t tell me… Is your sense of direction hopelessly bad?” Wang Ke asked suspiciously.

“Uhhh, my... my sense of direction is a little weak. I…!” Princess Youyue felt despair as she replied.

Wang Ke: “..........................!”

Zhang Zhengdao: “................................!”

The three of them were on the run for two days. They ended up returning? I’ve been wise all my life, I was somehow blinded so I asked someone with a lousy sense of direction to lead the way?

Just when Wang Ke and Zhang Zhengdao were burning with anger…

“Who’s there?” A loud cry came from the old temple.

The temple was deserted two days ago. And now, someone’s there?

Wang Ke, Zhang Zhengdao, and Princess Youyue looked over. They saw She Tianba walk out of the old temple with an intimidating step.

She Tianba?

Wang Ke almost vomited blood. Princess Youyue led him in a circle for two days, to fall right into She Tianba’s hands? What kind of shenanigans are those? Her Grand Ceremonial Light had already sabotaged him once. Now she sabotaged him again?

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.