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TL - Chapter 46: Wu Yu 07 (1)

Soon, an overall picture of the matter formed in my mind.

The perpetrator must be Zhu Shuyun.

Zhu Shuyun was abducted twenty-five years ago when he was five years old. Since he was mentally handicapped and the Zhu family had many children, according to him, the Zhu family had quickly given up on him after a brief search.

Ultimately, he joined a group of thieves and became a master thief. Now, he was coming back now to exact his revenge on the family that left him.

He abducted four children, including his nephew, Zhu Zhihan, from the area he grew up in. Perhaps like what Tan Jiao said, he had abducted so many children for the sake of companions, or perhaps it was just a diversion.

By sending out the terms of ransom to another family, he was able to manipulate the police. Simultaneously, he secretly communicated with the Zhu family, luring them out to this hill and trapping them.

The mental torture and toying with the Zhu family’s emotions一first, he threatened the child’s life, the…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.