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TL - Chapter 43: Tan Jiao 07 (2)

According to the case files and the information Zhuang Yu gathered, Zhu Fengxian still ran a small mart, while his wife who passed away used to be a primary school teacher. Bitter and frail, the old man seemed to have a certain hatred for people. Currently, he had a worried look in his eyes. Usually, such an elderly man would have great authority in the family. 

Zhu Zhongling was an average office worker. From his appearance, he seemed like an honest middle-aged man. Although he was not necessarily smart, he definitely had that strict look similar to his father. His wife was a cashier at a supermarket, a chubby middle-aged woman with a round face, messy hair, pointed brow, and teary eyes.

Zhu Jirui was a bank teller. She looked decent, but her fiance, Yan Yuan, had even better features. Even though he could not be considered handsome, his tall figure did give him a dashing look. It was said that he ran a decent-sized company. While he was not super rich, he was definitely consider…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.