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TL - Chapter 33: Wu Yu 05 (2)

I did not know how long I was out before vaguely feeling someone touching my body, stimulating my chaotic mind and waking me up.

After opening my eyes, the first thing I saw was the half-moon in the sky glowing brightly, lighting up the treetops. Then I felt gentle hands lifting my head up, placing something soft behind my head.

In the darkness, I saw the side of her face. Currently, she had no idea I was conscious. After staring at me blankly for a while, she lowered her head and held me close to her.

Her embrace left me awestruck; my face was only inches away from her neck, basking in her gentleness, warmth, and sweetness. “Wu Yu, you won’t die, right? The ambulance is only twenty minutes away. Don’t die on me. I won’t… be able to take it.”

Although I felt pain all over my body, my heart surged with joy before I kissed her thin and silky clavicle on the spur of the moment.

Yet, I regretted it immediately, her thinking to myself what I had done.

Sensing that she had …

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.