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TL - Chapter 27: Tan Jiao 05 (3)

Not only that, but the investigation from the police also provided me with some very valuable intel.

First, the police believe that the perpetrator was a habitual thief; this was based on their analysis of the footprints found on the crime scene. While the outer side of his shoe sole seemed severely worn, the inner side seemed relatively well preserved. Similarly, the sole of the shoe had little wear. I agreed with their analysis because that man did seem exceptionally light-footed. As such, it would seem that this man had received some level of training.

But why would an expert thief all of a sudden turn to abducting children? Did he want to change his vocation?

Previously, I thought the police were unaware of the perpetrator’s face, but they had actually examined the surveillance cameras on the streets. They had already obtained a picture of his face; it was the face I saw that night. The police had even obtained his fingerprints. Yet, the police had no records of the fingerprin…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.