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IRNDGL - Chapter 39: Fresh Dog Meat Soup

"His omniscience is divine."

A slight hint of doubt appeared in Doris' eyes but she hid it away quickly.

Without batting an eyelid, she smiled while gently stirring the soup in her own bowl. "Sounds like a great being indeed. However...

“To better integrate with human life, I recently researched the previous year's Truth Union register for extraordinary beings and there didn't seem to be such an entity… I guess.

“Since it's within Norzin, shouldn't the Truth Union at least have some form of record?"

Ji Zhixiu wasn't surprised by Doris' doubts.

After all, having a newly-made acquaintance believe that an all-knowing entity existed in this city was rather improbable.

The words she had just said… sounded very much like—

"Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Mr. Lin?"

It sounded like a textbook missionary opener, whereas the one on the receiving end was a being that possessed longevity and had her own convictions.

Just as Ji Zhixiu herself didn't believe that a Primordial Witch's dream realm could descend in Norzin, it wasn't too surprising that Doris doubted Mr. Lin's greatness.

Ji Zhixiu shook her head. "I understand your doubts, but the Truth Union isn't an unquestionable organization and has absolute authority. They too, don't have an omnipotent god to rely on, do they?"

"I am just expounding the truths I have witnessed for myself. Mr. Lin is a true recluse and even the Truth Union's surveillance network had no way of detecting his existence. Moreover, he doesn't seek to gain a reputation for himself."

With a look of yearning, she went on, "As I just said previously, he's a great being that's come to spread the gospel in our world.

"In times worse than this, it was him who showed me a way out of the darkness by providing me guidance, strength, and encouragement. It was only thanks to him that I was able to achieve victory over those enemies and exact my revenge."

Noticing the resolute expression Ji Zhixiu had, Doris responded, "Looks like you have a firm conviction, just like our belief in Lady Silver. In all this time, we have never given up on the covenant created during Walpurgis Night."

"He gave me everything that I have now." Ji Zhixiu stood up with a smile and tore off the bandages on her arms.

Rolls of bandages fell to the floor with a slight rustling, revealing pale, practically unblemished skin that had not even the slightest bit of scar.

Doris had personally tended to these wounds and naturally, she knew the severity of these injuries was as if an ordinary human was trampled over by several elephants.

More importantly, these wounds were caused by aetheric attacks that would greatly diminish the physical body's regeneration. But now, there wasn't a single wound remaining in barely ten minutes after Ji Zhixiu woke up.

This was the ultimate power of dream beast blood.

When Ji Zhixiu regained consciousness, the two currencies of life which were blood and soul started to flow and her body began to heal completely in a rapid metabolic process.

She clenched her fist, and an explosive power hidden in this human body surged, flowing within the beast blood.

Doris' expression changed slightly and she picked up the spoon and drank a mouthful of soup. Following that, she said, "I somewhat believe you. The bookstore owner Mr. Lin whom you mention seems really amazing."

She could sense that vibrant beast blood, and it really seemed like the woman before her had a dangerous aura of a predator eyeing its prey.

Ji Zhixiu unclenched her fist and then removed the remaining bandages on her body. "That goes without saying. He is the most charitable and kindhearted higher being I have ever seen. This generous gift was casually handed over to me by him."

Doris smiled, "Alright, when the rain stops, I will definitely return to visit that bookstore owner of yours with an open mind. I hope he will be able to answer my queries."

Ji Zhixiu responded gladly, "I believe that you will receive the most satisfactory answer."

"I hope so..." Doris' pursed lips curled up into a slight smile. "What are you planning to do next? Continue fighting your enemies?"

Ji Zhixiu nodded. “I'll inform my subordinates to come pick me up. However, I'll need a bit of time to understand the current circumstances. Hence, I probably have to remain here for a couple of days. I'm sorry to trouble you."

"It's fine," said Doris as she kept away the bowls and utensils. With a bright smile, she pointed to the only partition in the room. "I've already prepared hot water in the bathroom. Go ahead and have a nice relaxing bath. It's also time to change your clothes too."

The clothes Ji Zhixiu was currently wearing weren't her own. Doris had probably helped her change into an airy white dress when she had been out cold. However, her vigorous actions when she came to had caused blood to seep through the bandages and stain the white dress.

It appeared that Doris had taken this into consideration and had prepared hot water beforehand. This elf really did have a kindly nature.

Ji Zhixiu gave her thanks and headed over to the bathroom, not forgetting to bring along her cane.

Doris hummed as she chucked the bowls and spoons into the sink before turning on the tap. An icy smile appeared on her face as she stared at her reflection in the water.

She extended a finger and made a cutting motion on the water's surface. "Nobody besides the four Primordial Witches can truly be called omniscient... There has never been a shortage of capable phonies in this world. But if you aren't capable enough, don't blame a disappointed customer for taking action."


Outside, the furry corpse of a hunter pinned to the wall by an aether-imbued arrow swayed in the breeze as it finally dissipated completely into ashes.

A decapitated dog’s head lay on the garbage heap to the side.

This had been the source of the fresh dog meat soup...


"Still no word from the one we sent to track her?"

"Yes, there's been confirmation that we have lost contact with Abnormal-rank hunter 'Chaser' Buck."

Heris frowned. It really did seem like the Ji Family's young mistress was truly hard to deal with. "Where was contact lost? What does Scarlet Cult say?"

"... I don't know."


Heris smashed his fist against the table, losing his air of grace. Wrinkles on the corner of his eyes made him look especially sinister, just like a lame, aged lion refusing to give up its position as leader of the pride. Following that, Heris bellowed, "What do you mean you don't know?!"

His subordinate uttered a trembling reply, "All traces were completely removed and even magic identification didn't work. So, so it's..."

Heris took a deep breath and hissed coldly, "Continue searching then, Find her no matter the cost."


"One more thing. What about Charles? How is his condition?"

"He's completely awake. Uri preserved his corpse very well and Scarlet Cult's 'Precant' Morphey has already resurrected it and filled it up with the required will."

Finally a bit of good news at last.

"Charles... Wilde's favorite disciple according to the information that rat Ruenleft behind. That was also the reason why Uri killed him off."

I wonder, what would he do when his own disciple returns from the dead and tries killing him?

Hopefully, he will be able to provide the energy required to hatch the Magic Ovum Mirror...

BeetleBarker's Notes:

Does a wolf eating dog count as cannibalism? 

Special thanks to Tetra & Aco for editing and pr-ing

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Special thanks to Tetra & Aco for editing and pr-ing
Kofi: https://ko-fi.com/beetlebarker
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/beetlebarker
BeetleBarker's Discord:  https://discord.gg/bEr3QYN
IRNDGL Manhua translation by Zeroscans
Written by Great Calamity Of Fire (万劫火). Translated by BeetleBarker.