Chapter 38: His Omniscience is Divine
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 38: His Omniscience is Divine


Ji Zhixiu unknowingly found herself repeating the name.

As an experienced hunter and one who mixed around in the world of extraordinary beings for quite some time already, Ji Zhixiu had naturally heard of this legend.

In ancient times, long before giants, elves, and ancient dragons came into being, four unbelievably powerful witches existed in the world that was still mostly a formless mass.

These were the Four Primordial Witches.

Silver, the witch that controlled snow.

Life, the witch that controlled fire.

Walpurgis, the witch that controlled night.

Fraxinus, the witch that controlled the trees.

They split the boundary of the dream realm and reality and raised the Wall of Fog that shrouded the entire Azir, protecting people within the wall of fog from the invasions of dream beasts.

They were too overwhelmingly powerful, so much so that people feared their power.

When those that relied on the Primordial Witches were fortunate enough to have their eyes opened became fearful after witnessing a side of these witches, they started to leave from under the Primordial Witch's wings in succession.

When the elf kingdom disappeared, the gradually estranged Primordial Witches entered dream realms in succession to slumber and there was a deviation in people's beliefs.

For example, over time, the Church of Pestilence that believed in the Wall of Fog removed the Primordial Witches from their faith.

Now, their doctrine preached that the Wall of Fog was a truly ancient and divine existence whose formation had nothing to do with the witches.

Even the Anointed of Walpurgis Night had already diverged from the original intentions and was now an organization that protected against evildoers, just like the Truth Union's scholars and knights of Secret Rite Tower.

Thus, Ji Zhixiu was very surprised that this elf had actually come over to search for a Primordial Witch. Frowning, she asked, "Why here? Norzin is a city that has been fully developed. The Truth Unions aetheric surveillance network covers the entire city comprehensively and it's impossible for the city to hold a Primordial Witch's dream realm."

Currently, the largest fissure of a dream realm was probably therealm of the dream beast about to be hatched by the Magic Ovum Mirror.

But that couldn't be a witch's dream realm. A Primordial Witch could leave their dream realms with just a mere thought and something like a Magic Ovum Mirror was utterly unnecessary.

"Ahh..." Doris had on a vexed expression. "I don't know either. That's just how the sage's prophecy went. She received guidance and that the great Lady Silver who controls snow and ice will descend from her dream realm in this iron city of Norzin and appear to the one blessed by the stars."

She then extended a finger and did a tapping motion on her temples. "You should know that all these prophecies are always vague and might even be full of rubbish.”

Ji Zhixiu couldn't help nodding in agreement. "Indeed."

She lifted up the blanket aside, seating herself on the side of the bed as she moved the muscles in her body. "So, how long do you plan on staying here? A place like Norzin where good and bad are mixed together isn't safe for elves.

"Moreover, you should have probably sensed the abnormal circumstances at present,” muttered Ji Zhixiu as she pointed to the outside.

Doris stood up, still smiling. "Are you talking about this heavy rain? It doesn't matter. I have got a very high tolerance towards nasty environments. It's totally fine."

"No, not that..." said Ji Zhixiu with a complicated look on her face. She didn't know the best way to explain it.

The Magic Ovum Mirror was peculiar in that it had a strong power to entice one's heart as well as the ability to produce a powerful dream beast under special conditions.

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It was an extremely dangerous artifact that would attract unwanted attention and maintaining secrecy before it happened was important, lest the situation got out of hand.

Due to the abnormal weather, Norzin's external passages had already been closed off several days back and vehicles and people from outside were prohibited from entering.

This elf before Ji Zhixiu had surely entered before the rain started and it was understandable for her to know nothing about the situation. However, an elf that came seeking former convictions couldn't be easily persuaded to leave.

Ji Zhixiu could only try to advise as solemnly as she could, "In any case, it's best not to head outside these days. The current situation is very dangerous."

"Yes, yes, yes..." Doris nodded before chortling, "You seem to be in much more dangerous circumstances than me. How is it that you are advising me instead?"

Ji Zhixiu fiddled with her red earring for a moment before a staunch look appeared in her steel gray eyes. "It's because I am a hunter that gazes into the abyss and becomes a monster. At every night where bonfires are lit, I hunt beasts to protect the good and the honest. That is my duty.

“The strength of hunters has never been to gain power for ourselves.”

We hover between life and death the more we fight. She was now starting to understand everything that the bookstore owner had accorded her.

Controlling the power of that frenzied beast blood was to teach her humility.

Steel resolve was to bestow her with an indomitable conviction.

She no longer felt bewildered. Following Mr. Lin's footsteps would be her final wish.

Doris was slightly startled but she followed up with a gentle smile. "I see those predecessors of yours in you. This is indeed the true meaning of being a hunter, from ancient times till now."

Ji Zhixiu sensed these words and tone seemed slightly wrong and her expression changed a tad.

Doris suddenly sniffed the air and scrunched up her brows. "Oh no, my soup!"

Ji Zhixiu watched the elf busying herself with the pot and ladle like a flustered newlywed wife. Then again, she felt like she had misperceived something.

Perhaps I'm just too exhausted, thought Ji Zhixiu to herself.

Large chunks of cooked meat and fragrant spices mixed together with the slightly peppery bone soup aroma in the air formed a mouthwatering combination.

A large bowl of piping hot soup was placed on the table by Doris as she took off her apron and smiled, "Try it out! Fresh dog meat soup specially made for the patient."

Beneath her apron was a long elvish-styled white dress that made her look both hallowed and graceful. Her vast bosom was like a symbol of elvish kindness. All she needed was a flower garland to turn this crude rented apartment into a mesmerizing forest. meat?

Even though elves weren't vegetarian and they were known to have extraordinary hunting skills, dog meat still seemed a little overboard.

Ji Zhixiu made her way over to the table with slight skepticism and sat down. She tried a spoonful of soup and her eyes lit up. "It's delicious!"

Doris grinned widely. "I have a great deal of confidence in my cooking ability. Moreover, these are fresh ingredients that were delivered here not too long ago.

"But back to the topic... Given that you are a hunter of Norzin, you should know this place very well. Since it isn't convenient to head out during this period, I hope that you can provide me some clues as a form of repayment."

Ji Zhixiu had already finished the bowl of soup and nodded. "That would be best... But, truth be told, I'm currently under extremely dangerous circumstances and might have no way of providing you much help."

She then paused for a bit before continuing, "However, when the rain stops, you can head over to the bookstore on 23rd Avenue and inquire with the owner. Perhaps, you will be able to get the answer you need."

Doris blinked several times. "And who is..."

"He's the one I pledge my loyalty to. A great being that’s come to spread the gospel in our world. Although I have yet to fully understand his ideals, his omniscience is divine."

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