Chapter 38: His Omniscience is Divine
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I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey Chapter 38: His Omniscience is Divine


Ji Zhixiu unknowingly found herself repeating the name.

As an experienced hunter and one who mixed around in the world of extraordinary beings for quite some time already, Ji Zhixiu had naturally heard of this legend.

In ancient times, long before giants, elves, and ancient dragons came into being, four unbelievably powerful witches existed in the world that was still mostly a formless mass.

These were the Four Primordial Witches.

Silver, the witch that controlled snow.

Life, the witch that controlled fire.

Walpurgis, the witch that controlled night.

Fraxinus, the witch that controlled the trees.

They split the boundary of the dream realm and reality and raised the Wall of Fog that shrouded the entire Azir, protecting people within the wall of fog from the invasions of dream beasts.

They were too overwhelmingly powerful, so much so that people feared their power.

When those that relied on the Primordial Witches were fortunate enough to have their eyes opened became fearful after witnessing a side of these witches, they started to leave from under the Primordial Witch's wings in succession.

When the elf kingdom disappeared, the gradually estranged Primordial Witches entered dream realms in succession to slumber and there was a deviation in people's beliefs.

For example, over time, the Church of Pestilence that believed in the Wall of Fog removed the Primordial Witches from their faith.

Now, their doctrine preached that the Wall of Fog was a truly ancient and divine existence whose formation had nothing to do with the witches.

Even the Anointed of Walpurgis Night had already diverged from the original intentions and was now an organization that protected against evildoers, just like the Truth Union's scholars and knights of Secret Rite Tower.

Thus, Ji Zhixiu was very surprised that this elf had actually come over to search for a Primordial Witch. Frowning, she asked, "Why here? Norzin is a city that has been fully developed. The Truth Unions aetheric surveillance network covers the entire city comprehensi

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"Have you heard about our lord and savior, Lin Jie?"

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