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Review and Get A Chance To Access Advance Chapters!

Dears readers of IGK, it's about time we have an event!

Here's how it works:
Give IGK a rating & review on https://www.novelupdates.com/series/indestructible-god-king/
Tell me
1) What do you like about IGK so far!
2) What's the moment you enjoyed the most!

I will pick the top 5 reviews that I like the most and award the selected reviewers with the Innate Stage (Ordinary) Tier (5 advance parts) for a month!

The deadline for entry will be on 22 Aug 2021. I will message the winners on Novelupdates by 25 Aug with instructions on accessing the advanced chapters. 
Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.