Welcoming Celefoata and Martial Cultivator
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Welcoming Celefoata and Martial Cultivator

Hey everyone, it's Starve here!

Allow me to introduce our newest novel to you - Martial Cultivator!

Sick of trashy cultivation novels with arrogant young masters and characters with lower-than-room-temperature IQ?

Martial Cultivator follows Chen Chao, who unfortunately doesn't possess any daoist cultivation talent and has to walk down the harder path as a martial cultivator. Imagine being forced to become a fierce warrior when you really want to be a chill magician! However, with Chen Chao's sharp wits and pragmatism, he'll navigate his way through traps and grasp onto every opportunity he finds along the way to climb his way up and scale to the top of this goddamned world!

This novel is a slow burner, with dialogues and internal monologues being the main drivers, so it takes more time to build up. But if you're looking for a break from cookie-cutter novels, you might want to give this a try!


Here's a quick introduction from our translator of this novel:

Hi everyone! I'm celefoata, but you can just call me cele~
I was the translator for Unrivaled Medicine God on webnovel. You might also be unfortunate enough to know me from the webnovel discord server. In which case, I want to reassure you that I'm just as degenerate as I am over in WN server~

I'm pretty active on discord, so you can just ping me. Please don't slide into my dms asking for feet pics. Or at least have the courtesy to offer me money for it.

PS: HostedNovel neither encourages nor discourages degeneracy and the sharing of feet pics.

Here's the link to the synopsis:

And you may dive right into reading here!