Chapter 1: Tianjian Year 13
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 1: Tianjian Year 13

Great Liang Dynasty, Tianjian Year 11. There was great strife.

In June, it snowed heavily in Ying Prefecture. It was rumored that an immortal had descended upon the world. Once the news spread, god knows how many people went to Ying Prefecture to catch sight of the immortal. But no one found traces of any immortals.

September, Wei Prefecture flooded heavily when Wei River breached its banks. Residents on both sides of the riverbank were displaced and starving to death. The disaster victims fought for food with wild dogs and bones littered the ground.

At the end of the year, Sword Qi Mountain's new sword, Wild Grass, was born, shocking the world. Countless sword cultivators scrambled to climb up Sword Qi Mountain, wanting to bring this once-in-a-hundred-years sword down the mountain.

Two years later, Tianjian Year 13. There was snowfall in Wei Prefecture during early winter.



The heavy snow started falling on the day of the winter solstice. By now, it had already snowed for a whole month.

The sky had long already turned dark.

The bright moon was half-hidden. The birds and animals disappeared. There was only a vast expanse of white in the mountains.

Several lanterns that gave off a dim light swayed constantly in the cold wind, akin to a lonely boat amidst tumultuous waves; hanging by a thread.

Under the dim lighting, a party of more than ten people was currently slowly advancing along the mountain path.

"Young Lady, we should be reaching Tianqing County after crossing this mountain. The people who are coming to pick Young Lady up should be arriving at Tianqing County tomorrow as well. At that time, Young Lady will be escorted by them to the Divine Capital and we can also return to report on our mission."

In the team, the white-haired old man at the front pulled the cotton robe on his body tighter. While talking, the old man's brows which had been constantly furrowed, relaxed considerably at this moment.

But right after, he continued somewhat apologetically, "I haven't come out to walk for many years. I didn't ex

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