Chapter 2: The Run-down Temple In the Snowstorm
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Martial Cultivator Chapter 2: The Run-down Temple In the Snowstorm

In the dimly lit hall, it was very hard for that pile of fire to illuminate the entire house with the light that it required. The great hall's door was opened and cold wind poured in, kicking up a lot of sparks.

The flame caused the youth to have a long silhouette.

The youth in black turned around and looked at the young girl who barged into the great hall. There was some suspicion in his eyes, but it instantly dissipated. But the moment he turned his head, it also allowed the young girl to see the youth's features clearly by borrowing the light of the fire. He had delicate features and could not be said to be handsome, but that pair of eyes were particularly beautiful. They seemed like two bright stars, making it hard for people to forget after one glance.

"Rushing on a journey? Doesn't seem like it."

The youth in black raised his eyebrows and muttered to himself, "Someone still dares to appear here alone at this time, I admire you a bit."

The young girl looked at the youth in black before her eyes rather nervously, uncertain about the other person's identity. According to records, some demons who had attained a certain level in cultivation could transform into a human. Ordinary people could not differentiate them at all.

When the youth in black saw that this young girl was just standing on the spot, looking at him rather nervously, he figured out the reason in just a second. Just as he was about to speak, the wind suddenly howled outside the door. A cold wind poured into the great hall together with the blizzard. The entire hall instantly became bone-piercingly cold.

Demonic energy that filled the sky flooded into the hall. The young girl's expression immediately turned ugly.

While the youth in black became inexplicably excited. After waiting all night, there was finally work to do.

In the next instant, a blood-red mass flowed into the hall along with the wind and snow, appearing in front of the two people. When that cloud of scarlet blood mist dissipated, the true face of the demon was revealed before the two pe

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