Advance chapters for TOOLATE!!!
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Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? Advance chapters for TOOLATE!!!

I know, it looks a little greedy releasing Patreon this early into the novel. However, I do need to make a living and things are not looking good financially. Anyway, here it is but only if you have the means to, no obligations.

Things to note: 
1) The Patreon is shared with EIF, so you also get EIF Patreon chapters. 
2) The TOOLATE advance chapters are only available up to the Martial Disciple tier, so 8 advance chapters max. If you pledge in any tiers higher than that, you only get more EIF chapters, but TOOLATE remains at 8 max.
3) The Patreon is charge upfront and have subscription billing. This means you pay on the day you subscribe,but your sub will last for a full month. So you only pay again on the same day next month. (not on the 1st of every month like it used to.)
4) Be sure to link your Patreon account with your hosted novel account to unlock the chapters directly on the site.

If you have problems access the advance chapters, do contact me on discord.