Site Updates: Tokens and Advanced Chapters
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Site Updates: Tokens and Advanced Chapters

Yooo guys, it's me again.

I have an exciting update to announce: Tokens

As the name suggests, tokens are introduced as a token of bribery goodwill for our loyal readers. There's an additional gold button on the top-right menu named 'Earn token' that shows you how many tokens you have accumulated.
If you're confused about this new system, here is a simple guide to explain how things work!

What is token?
Token is a form of user-earned currency that allows you to unlock a limited number of advanced chapters on a novel, meaning that it allows you to read ahead on a selected novel.
However, do note that not all novels are accessible with tokens yet.

Cool. How do I earn tokens?
You can earn a token for the first 5 previously unread chapters you read on our website per day, afterwards every 25 chapters you read we will also give you a token up to a max 5 per day.

You can also subscribe to premium to get 1 token per month as well as reading without adverts.

Weird. Why didn't I earn a token for reading a chapter?
There are certain restrictions in place to prevent the abuse of this system, and it goes without saying that I can't share what all of those restrictions are. However, I'm allowed to tell you that rereading chapters will not contribute to the chapter count for earning tokens.
On the whole, we have done thorough tests on the system and it should work as intended. However, if you feel strongly that there's a bug with the system, feel free to drop us a message on Discord!

That concludes my self-made guide. Hopefully it was useful :P
If you have any questions or thoughts, do leave a comment below and we'll try to address them.