Regarding the Recent Updates!
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Regarding the Recent Updates!

Yoo everyone, it's me!
Some of you might have received this message while reading on our website, and we understand that it's a huge source of frustration for some of you. Regarding that, sorry for the inconvenience

Do allow us to explain the situation from our stance first.

We understand that it looks shady, but the primary intention is not to earn more ad revenue, though we definitely do prefer it when readers disable their adblock. At least I would appreciate more ad revenue :P

Quick tech explanation for those who are curious:
Basically, we implemented a third-party script to help us get rid of invalid traffic, but Adblock sees this third-party script as an ad and blocks it as well. Due to that, we need Adblock disabled in order to allow the third-party script to go through and slip in a cookie so as to verify that you're not a bot.

If you are unfamiliar with what cookies are, they are a session, meaning that they hold bits of data in your browser that we can read as you navigate throughout the website.

Think of it as a little ID card with the word 'Human' that we secretly slip to you. We needed you to be able to hold onto the ID card to verify that you're a human (and not a bot) across the pages

Tech talk away, our developer is still in the midst of considering our options. We'll have to deal with invalid traffic nevertheless; it's just about what alternative measures there are out there. 

Do feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments!

Our website has been doing a lot of updates recently to deal with recent problems or enhance the functionalities. There are times that we aren't able to properly relay them to you due to miscommunication within the team (will definitely improve on that), but more importantly, none of us can afford to do this full-time either. 

We aren't a professional team of managerial businesspeople, so there's bound to be quite a bit of inefficiency and frustrations here and there. There are times when our updates unintentionally relay the wrong message, and I think that this is an example of that. 

Please do feel free to relay any problems or frustrations you encounter on the website to us because we aren't always aware of them. We'll try our best to find an optimal solution if possible, or at the very least, explain our difficulties and address your concerns.

Thanks for reading on HostedNovel, and see yall around!