Four New Novel Releases (A Little Late)
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Four New Novel Releases (A Little Late)

Heyo people!

It has been a while since I had my hands full with other stuff, but we have had quite a few new releases that we didn't announce!

There was @beetlebarker's Conquering Otherworld Starts With a Game, where Yang Qiu spent 300 years escaping from a hellish otherworld to Earth, only to realize that the hellish otherworld is slowly spilling over to Earth

Other than that, @jacha released Necromancer; I Am a Disaster, which follows Lin Moyu as he class changes into an overpowered Necromancer and dominates the world! 

@joasht3 released Transmigration with Cheat Codes, where Meng Jintang was brought into a wuxia video game and finds herself in an incredibly weak and sickly body. On top of that, she was abandoned by her family. Watch as Meng Jintang exploits the cheat codes she knows about the wuxia video game to live better than anyone else!

Last but not least, I, @starve, have recently released a novel called Secular Immortal of the Nine Realms.

Fang Chen is Great Xia's youngest-ever martial arts prodigy, but he was crippled in a battle five years ago. Downtrodden, he stumbled upon Daoist Cloudcrane, an almighty cultivator, and becomes the latter's disciple. He soon learns that there is a far greater world out there than what he sees.

Through that, he figures out that his defeat five years ago was no coincidence. With his newfound powers as a cultivator, he will root out everyone who threatens him and his family - and he's not the kind of person to show mercy either!