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Everlasting Immortal Firmament Rate in Release Rates

Hey everyone, it saddens me to say that I'm going to have to reduce the release rate of EIF further as I'm finding keeping up quite difficult.

However, lowering EIF to 5 chapters a week has been part of the plans anyway, and in exchange I will increase the release rates to 7 chapters a week.

So what difference does that make? Toolate is easier to translate and slightly shorter, making it easier to keep up with.

Anyway, I'm feeling slightly burned out too, and the lack of an income has also been demoralizing. So I'll be sticking to 5 chapters a week for both EIF and TOOLATE for a month or two, then I will bump TOOLATE to 7 chapters/week after some rest.

TLDR: EIF lowered to 5 chaps/week. TOOLATE increase to 7 chapters/week in a month or two while I take a break.