eBook Licenses & Bonus Tokens
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eBook Licenses & Bonus Tokens

Yoo @everyone~

First and foremost, we have good news to announce!

I'm proud to announce that we have additionally secured eBook licenses for Little Tyrant Doesn't Wish to Meet With a Bad End and I'm Really Not a Demon God's Lackey!!! We're in the midst of preparing for an eBook release with more meticulous editing, so do look forward to it!

This is a huge step for our HostedNovel moving forward, and you can be sure that we'll bring more interesting stories to you in the near future!

Secondly, the tokens that were mentioned in the previous announcement have been released! It's calculated based on the total reads that have not contributed to the token calculation, so the amount each person gets may vary significantly from the other! 

Thanks for the support all this while and hopefully our stories have brought some joy to your life hehehe!