Chapter 72- Third
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Zhan Yue Chapter 72- Third


[System notification: Congratulations! You have obtained the job advancement quest, Darkness Hunting Dogs!(A)

[Quest details: Head outside the castle and find the annoying Darkness Hunting Dogs in the bushes; kill 100 of them and pass their fangs to the NPC and you can complete the advancement!]


Every second was important. I turned around and charged out of the hall, following the mountain path and heading out of the mountain that the five outer locations were at. In front of me were wide plains and a swamp.A path far ahead led to Black Castle. Rows of Undead Cavalry and Darkness Cavalry galloped to and fro. They held a black flag and this was the mark of Black Castle. At the same time, I could see many younger generation undead cultivators training outside.

After walking for ten minutes to the border of Black Castle, a thirty-meter wall appeared in front of me. This was the outer city wall called Wall of Darkness. This wall spread a hundred miles and circled around the entire Black Castle. On it were many red marks, and World Ender power flowed through it. This wall was what prevented the Dimension Legion and human empire from wiping out Black Castle’s residents.

"Hey, kid, stop!"

On the Wall of Darkness, a bunch of bow-wielding undead looked at me. One of them held a sharp sword and asked coldly, "Who are you?Why are you heading out?"

I held my identity token and said, "I am Wind Cloud Platform's July Wildfire; I am under orders to head out and complete my quest!"

"Oh? So you are from the Wind Cloud Platform."He nodded. "Open the gate and let him out!"

"Yes, sir!"

Beneath the wall, two bug-infested giant beasts pulled the ropes and raised the iron gate. Their stench entered my nose while I charged out. I shouted at the two beasts, "Okay, I am out.Brothers, you can put it down; don't get too tired!"

On the wall, the defending general laughed. "This kid is interesting; I like him!"


After heading out of the walls, the map changed. It was not a Black Castle filled only with death energy but a wide wilderness. In it were many black-colored dogs. They looked really hungry and their fur was standing on end. They looked like starving wolves, their saliva dripping off their teeth. When they saw me, they looked like they had seencheap pork.

Darkness Hunting Dogs (Super Rare Monster)

Level: 45

Attack: 600-840

Defense: 500

Health: 8000

Skill: Bite, Pounce, Dark Skin

Introduction: Darkness Hunting Dogsare controlled by the power of darkness. They came from the plains and forest of the Dimensional Land and reproduced repeatedly until theyformedthis giant group. These Darkness Hunting Dogs are hungry at every moment and always attackhumans. Sometimes when they are too hungry, they will eat undead, too.


I was finally here!

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The first Darkness Hunting Dogs pounced on me and slashed with its fangs!

I sank low and slashed with one dagger to push its claws away. I shouted and used my combo. My body seemed like it was being helped by god as a deep power from within me surged out. My body then started launching attacks uncontrollably and I used Separated by Water!

Peng peng peng...

The sounds of dagger slashing were really dense. After my combo was created, my attack speed increased and five attacks were pretty much completed in 0.75 seconds. This was something unimaginable in the past. Before Separated by Water was completed, I took 1.5 to two seconds for this combo.

This was why self-created combos were so amazing; not only did they have stun and knockback effects,they could reduce attack timing and increase the overall damage, too. Players would be able to deal terrifying damage within a very short time!


The dual dagger strike flashed across like an angry lightning, causing the Darkness Hunting Dogs to wince. It fell to the ground and a stun icon appeared above its head. This lasted for a short time, but it was enough for my Snow Moon to disappear and for me to open my fingers. Golden light wrapped around it as the space around twisted. Dragons roared following my use of Dragon Will!


With a palm, I insta-killed this Darkness Hunting Dogs who had 8000 Health!

At this moment, I was shocked by my strength. Separated by Water dealt 5000+ damage, so along with Dragon Will, I could insta-kill a level 45 Super Rare monster.Who would believe that?! Now, it seemed like I could train without suffering any losses.

Thus, I charged towardthe next target, looking at my skill cooldown. The cooldown for combos was one minute and all combos were the same. On one side, it restricted the upper limit and also allowed players with no combos to be able to play. Sometimes, Destiny Corporation was still humane.

"Let each player have hope so that they continue playing." The planning department colleagues often followed this principle.


Just like that, I killed one Darkness Hunting Dogafter another.Conservatively speaking, I could complete it within twenty minutes, but at ten minutes, a bell rang which shattered my heart—


[System notification: Congratulations Player Dawn for completing the advancement, obtaining the title of Archer. As he is the second player to complete job advancement, obtained rewards: level +1, Charm +2, Reputation +1500, gold +4000!]


The second place was gone!

I frowned while killing monsters. I heard of Dawn before and he was Legend's top Archer. I heard that after five years, he had matured and his strength had increased, becoming a first-rate player. He was someone who Fang Ge Que wanted to pass on to, but Fang Ge Que's sudden disappearance sent Legend into darkness.

At this moment, for Dawn to be second in the server showed how good he was.

Would I be third, then?!

Who cared?It had to be me; I needed those few thousand gold!

Thus, my speed increased as I became pumped up!

Ten minutes later, the ‘100 Darkness Hunting Dogs’ quest was completed by me. I crushed a City Return Scroll and charged towardthe hall. That was even quicker!


I was like the wind as I barged into the hall.

"Oi oi!Who is that? Such quick speed!"

"It is July Wildfire!"

"What is that kid doing? Why is he so anxious?"

I ignored them and headed to the corner of the hall. I found the NPC elder who gave me the mission and passed him with the items. "Elder, I have completed it; quick, advance me!"

"Good, very good!"

He looked at me with praise. "July Wildfire, you actually killed so many Darkness Hunting Dogs very quickly. That is great.Do you know how annoying they are?They sneak-attackcarriages transporting herbs and resources and eat many zombies and undead.D*mn..."

I was filled with despair. "Elder, quick..."

He nodded. "This time, not only did you kill these Darkness Hunting Dogs, you also proved that our younger generation has strength to head out. Scoff! Dimension Legion is so dumb to think that we are ants, but I believe that our younger generation will prove ourselves and our value."

I wanted to die and tears flowed down my face.

"Kid."He placed his hand on my shoulder and his eyes were really gentle. "I thought about the past. When I was your age, I was an innocent young skeleton and waved wooden swords. For you to bring back these fangs, I saw not only strength but also the youth that I lost..."

"I..."I clenched my fists and wanted to use Dragon Will on him.


He looked at me and smiled. "You have proven your strength!"

My face was filled with hope. "So I can advance now?!"

"Yes."He nodded. "There aren't many to complete such an advancement ritual. Only hundreds of people have done so in the past ten years. Moreover, many of them are standing at the peak of cultivation and many are fighting with fate. What is our will?We don't back down and we won't yield to anyone and any faction, not to the Dimension Legion or Xuanyuan Empire. We are neutral!"

My gaze scattered. I looked at him and really wanted to die.

"Done."He looked at me once more and walked out from his memories. "July Wildfire, congratulations;you have become a true Assassin.These are your rewards!"


[System notification: Congratulations for completing the job advancement!You have obtained the title of Blade of Chaos.As you are the third to advance, obtained rewards: level +1, Charm +2, contribution point +80000, gold +3000!


After which, the system asked whether or not I wanted to hide my name. Naturally, I did the same. In the next second, a loud bell reverberated in the sky—


[System notification: Congratulations Player July ****fire for completing the first job advancement, obtaining the title of Assassin. As he is the third to advance, obtained rewards: level +1, Charm +2, contribution point +80000, gold +3000!


Finally, it was done. Moreover, I definitely got famous across the whole server. Third to complete the first advancement. I did not appear on any ranking boards, too. My identity was so mysterious that it would make all the factions guess.

"Ah Fei, let's meet at the old place; trade and then eat!"


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