Chapter 71- Separated by water
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Zhan Yue Chapter 71- Separated by water

"Is that okay?" I scratched my head.

"No... It is okay!"

The attendant smiled. "July Wildfire, let me get one more for you."

"Okay, thank you!"

A few moments later, a blade-wielding puppet appeared in front of me and it was already activated. Killing intent appeared in its empty eyes and it charged at me.


Another chance to cultivate and train. After hitting the five-move combo, I breathed out. It was still not perfect. Right, the combined hit was not explosive enough. I needed to increase the forwardspeed and strength. Try again!

Just like this, I trained time after time.

At 6pm, the three-hour countdown for the Wind Cloud Platform’strial appeared. At that moment, I hit a combo. My heart lit up.Like a basketball player good at tossing three pointers, I succeeded! Not only was this series of moves fluid, it was really perfect. Each detail was flawless and it was the most exquisite combo I could do at this state!

A loud bell rang—


[System notification: Congratulations! You have succeeded in creating your own combo, evaluated as SS.Will you confirm?]


It was upgraded.This was a double S grade; it was one grade higher than Gale!

Enough enough. SSS-grade combo was unimaginable, probably only the legendary cultivators like Li Xiao Yao could create one. After all, his moves, body, and will were not something that mortals like me could compare to. Double SS combo was enough for me to sweep the world!


The moment I confirmed, the naming interface popped up.

I thought about it and a phrase entered my mind!

Separated by Water!

I entered the words. Although I knew that it did not fit the meaning, for some reason, when I looked at the words, I felt that the combo fit these words!


[System notification: Your combo will be announced to the world; will you hide your ID?]


I was a lowkey person, so how could I announce my ID?

In the next second, a bell reverberated in the air. Moreover, this was a global notification.All cities and maps were reached—


[System notification: Congratulations Player July ****fire for successfully comprehending the SS-grade combo, Separated By Water (Left Sweep + Right Sweep + Upper Flick + Kick Knock-up + Double Dagger Hit)! He is the second player to have created a combo in Illusionary Moon.Obtained rewards: level +2, Charm +2, contribution point +200000, gold +4000!]



I rubbed my eyesand looked at the contribution points in disbelief. A full 200000; it was so unbelievable! This was too strong. I got 200000 contribution points? It reduced the time I needed to get the Inscriber Job Change Certificate!

However, what was this July ****fire nonsense?!

I looked at the personal interface and my contribution points had reached 350000. If I went for another Wind Cloud Platform’s trial and another Land of Reincarnation cleaning job, I would be able to satisfy the 500000 needed!

Ah Fei's voice came from outside. "Ah Li, is this July Fire you?"

"What do you think?"I laughed out loud. "Didn't you say that I couldn't comprehend a combo? Now, are you happy? SS-grade combo Separated By Water, completed in 0.75 seconds with an extra damage of 40%; what do you have to say?"

"D*mn..."Ah Fei was filled with disbelief. "It's really you?"

"Let me take a screenshot."

In the next second, I took a picture of the combo and sent it to Ah Fei. All of a sudden, Ah Fei cursed. "D*mn d*mn d*mn d*mn!"

His reactionwas something I was happy with. I laughed. "What is the exchange rate of gold and RMB?"

"It dropped.It's roughly 1:1 now;1 gold for around 10 RMB."

"It's still not bad."I nodded my head. "Let's meet at Linchen County. I have 4000 gold and will pass it to you. Selling everything will give us 40000; we’re rich!"

He was delighted. "Right right right. I completely forgot about that segment.Quick, come over!"

"Coming coming!"


I wasin no rush to go. I said tothe attendant at the side, "Okay, I have trained.Should I talk to Senior Uncle Lin?"

"En, that would be for the best."

Thus, we headed to the Heaven and Earth Pavilion's main hall. The attendant said carefully, "Deacon, July Wildfire has completed his training and destroyed three first-grade puppets!"


Lin Fengnian's mouth twitched as if his heart hurt.

I looked at his reaction and said, "Senior uncle, these puppets... Aren't too expensive, right?"

"No... No..."He shook his head. "Anyway, your compensation here will be paid by the Wind Cloud Platform, so don't worry!"

"That's great!"

I nodded my head. This would probably be painful for my master, but I did not care so much. Earning money was more important. I teleported to Linchen County and approached the entrance in Stealth mode. I turned into my human character and stepped in with 4000 gold. At this moment, no one would expect this level 20+ account to have 4000 gold. At this current stage, this was a large amount. All the wealth of some guilds might not even reach this amount.

This was the leveling stage and the management of equipment, where money only flowed out. Mages and Priests consumed potions and all of these were huge expenditures. One could say that the top players all had many smurfs earning gold for them. If not, they would drag down the leveling speed of the guilds.

In front of the Great Sage Hall, Ah Fei stood lazily with a staff in hand.

I walked over and acted as if I did not know him. In truth, we had opened the trading interface and 4000G was sent to his account. At this moment, many players were selecting items while discussing—

"Speaking of which, who is that July Fire who comprehended an SS-grade combo; who is he? He is so strong.His comprehension of the combo is actually better than Lin Xi’s!"

"I don't know.He should be the smurf of a god, right? No... Xiao Yao Zi Zai?"

"Impossible. Xiao Yao Zi Zai is a Warrior, but this person is an Assassin. Maybe it is Legend, Prague, or Elements."

"No matter who it is, the forums are on fire.Everyone’s calling this person God Seven. They said that people are using big data to find out who in the server is called July Fire."

"Scoff!If such an expert doesn't want to get famous, who can find them?"


Hearing their discussion, Ah Fei grinned. "Ah Li, it seems like you are gonna get famous."

"No."I shook my head. "I don't want to, either. Compared to people who are famous, I'd rather be ordinary. Isn't that better than anything else?"

"You are so shameless; you are ordinary! You're nothing but that at all.You are so shameless!" He raged and cursed.

I laughed out loud. "Okay, I'll stop wasting time with you; I'm going back."

However, right at that moment, another bell reverberated in the city—


[System notification: Congratulations Player Lin Xi for completing first job promotion, obtaining the title of Warrior. As she is the first, obtained rewards: level +1, Charm +2, Reputation +2000, gold +5000!]


"D*mn..."I was shocked. "Ah Fei, let's stop talking; I'm heading back to do the job advancement.Goodbye!"

"En, go.It is money!" He grinned and laughed out loud.

I charged into Great Sage Hall and smashed the Black Castle'sCity Return Scroll. I appeared on the Wind Cloud Platform and looked into the sky. "Master, are you there? I have something urgent."


Ding Heng appeared in mid-air and smiled while touching his beard. "Little fellow, what is the matter?"

I said confidently, "I request for a job advancement."


He smiled. "Actually, your physique has reached the requirements, but... as your master, I will never do such shameless things as being a partner of an Assassin. That’s why I can't help you."

I felt a chill. I had to do it myself?

"What should we do then?"

"There is an idea." He sucked in a deep breath. "Head to the main hall with your token, find the deacon elder, and send in your request. He will give you a quest, and after you complete it, your identity will change."

"Okay.Thank you, master!"

"En, go!"


I followed the mountain path.

Outer Main Hall was actually just the hall on the peak which was ruled by a bunch of deacons. This was the power center and was split into Elder Hall, Judgement Hall, Spirit Garden, et cetera.

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I pretty much ran all the way, and once I was there, the majestic hall had me in awe. In front of it, I was too small. Fortunately, there were many undead cultivators walking to and fro, so I was not too lonely.

I walked over and found an elder who looked like he had died for thousands of years. "Elder, I request for a job advancement."

"Oh?"He glanced at me and smiled. "So it is you, July Wildfire.You are famous in the Wind Cloud Platform. It seems like you have grown enough.Gokill100 Darkness Hunting Dogs and collect their fangs. This is my test for you. Oh, right.The Darkness Hunting Dogs are really strong, so you must be careful."

"En, thank you!"

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