Chapter 73- Ancient secret technique
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Zhan Yue Chapter 73- Ancient secret technique

After trading, we had dinner right away.

We returned afterward, and following a short break, I went online. The Wind Cloud Platform’strial was about to begin and I had no more time to waste.



I appeared on the Wind Cloud Platform and around me were the younger generation of the five locations. Their gazes were sharp and they rubbed their palms together. When I appeared, many of them sucked in a cold breath. "Look, July Wildfire has appeared; he has gotten first for so many times."

"This time, he won't be so lucky!" Some swore.

I did not say anything and just jumped off from the Wind Cloud Platform to Purgatory Lion's side. I saw that his body was stronger than before and it was filled with surging power. His strength had also become even more immense.

"Two Balls, you have become stronger," I said.

His lips twitched. "You, too, July Wildfire.Your aura has become deeper and thicker."

"Thank you~"


On the side, Little Scum held onto his precious inscription sword and frowned. "What is the point in you two praising each other?The battle in the duel arena will prove your ability."

"Why, do you think you can win?" Two Balls mocked.

"Scoff!"Little Scum spoke seriously. "This time, I, Mr. Dong, will go all out!"

"Your surname is actually Dong?" I was shocked.

He frowned. "I am... Precious Treasure Pavilion’s disciple, Dong Yuanbai.My master is Pang Dalong!"

"Sorry sorry!" I cupped my fistand laughed.

Two Balls smiled. "So you actually have a name."



At this moment, a bell rang. The Wind Cloud Platform’s competition was about to begin—


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[System notification: Please pay attention.Due to your stats exceeding the upper limit, the Boss stats buff is now set at three times!]

Three times stats again?

I frowned and swept the stats column. Others were okay; only Health was quite a pessimistic sight!

July Wildfire (Blade of Chaos)

Level: 41

Attack: 1665-2289 (+20%)

Defense: 1662 (15%)

Health: 16530

Critical Strike: 6.64%

Lifesteal: 3%

Comprehension: 97

Charm: 19

Soul Star: 10

Contribution point: 420208

Combat strength: 3783


Attack and Defense had increased by large amounts. After threefold, my Attack upper limit was closer to 2300. At this current stage, even top Warriors who had all their points added to Strength only had 800. Boss's stats were life-changing but due to the natural weakness of Assassins, which was something that could not be changed. One must know that level 40 Bosses had over 100000 Health. My lower than 20000 Health meant that I could only use mechanics and strategy.

Only Godslaying Blade and Apprehension could be chosen. It seemed like the skills I could use here were being locked.

After I selected the skills, the Land of Reincarnation's proud disciple, Lei Ling, held his shining sword and smiled. "Finally, my chance to wash the humiliation is here. Land of Reincarnation disciples, listen to me:We must go all out! Show the Wind Cloud Platform and Precious Treasure Pavilion disciples how good we are;what do you all say?"

They nodded their heads. "Yes, Senior Brother Lei!"

I smiled and did not say a word, I continued as if I were looking at a farce. This bunch was not my match before, and this time their strength would not increase by much, but I was different; I had just created a SS-grade combo. In other words, I had a super move compared to them. Separated by Water could deal over 700% damage in just 0.75 seconds.

Normal people could not handle it at all. As long as I had the chance to use it, the battle would basically be over.

"Since that is the case, then let me start it off!"

In the crowd, a person flickered, turning into death-energy mist as he appeared on the platform. It was the Land of Reincarnation's Necromancer Xia Buhui. He was holding a skull staff which was burning. His eyes gave off a threatening glint as he said arrogantly, "Land of Reincarnation's Xia Buhui.Fellow junior and senior brothers, please show me what you’ve got!"

"Scoff.This clown dares to be so arrogant?"

Purgatory Lion rubbed his palms, and with a jump, he was already on the platform. I looked at Xia Buhui and had a bad feeling. "Two Balls, be careful; he’s come prepared."


On the platform, along with Purgatory Lion's roar, streaks of magma-like blood energy covered every inch of his skin. Bloodline power filled him as if he were within a furnace. He then turned into an afterimage that charged at the enemy. Purgatory Lion was a fighting race, and he naturally knew that, because the opponent was strong, only by getting close could he defeat Xia Buhui. If not, he would be kited infinitely.

"Hey~"Xia Buhui smiled coldly. He stepped onto the ground, and with a clang, a golden-colored shield rose from beneath his feet. It covered his body. This was actually the legendary Element Shield! That was right. Xia Buhui was over level 40, and in Illusionary Moon, Mages had shields at level 40. Their survivability was totally different now.

This also meant that, after level 40, it was the time of Mages. They could stand on the spot. As long as their equipment was strong enough, they could crush all jobs.

Destiny's son, that was not a random saying.


On the Wind Cloud Platform, Purgatory Lion's sharp claws flashed and grabbed Xia Buhui's shield. Alas, the shield just creased and twisted; it did notget pierced at all. Instead, Xia Buhui waved his staff and flames smashed onto Purgatory Lion's body, such that his health dropped.

"Not good!"

Little Scum, Dong Yuanbai, was stunned. "Two Ballsis going to lose!"

I broke into laughter; even he was calling him Two Balls.

On the platform, Two Balls tried hard, but the amount of injuries on him grew. Death laws were like blades that cut him, and very quickly he had reached his limit.

"Hei..."Xia Buhui laughed coldly. "What the strongest Purgatory Lion in the younger generation?You are just so-so!You think trash like you is worthy of having Beast Peak; if you are smart, you should just hand it over!"

"Nonsense!"Two Balls attacked and his body was covered in blood. He shouted, "Beast Peak was given to us by the last King of Darkness; it is Purgatory Lion's sanctuary. People like you can forget about it!"

"Scoff!It happened a thousand years ago. You should stick with the times in case you end up getting killed!"


On the Wind Cloud Platform, although Two Balls fought hard, he still ultimately lost. With an unwilling roar, he was swept away by the wind and disappeared on the Wind Cloud Platform.

"Two Balls and Xia Buhui are enemies?" I asked.

Little Scum shook his head. "It happened in the past.Let's not talk about that. Should you go or shouldI?"

"This time, let me."


I pulled out my dagger and jumped inthe air, landing stably on the Wind Cloud Platform. I said, "Xia Buhui, you loser, just admit defeat!"

"You..."Xia Buhui was furious. "If we don't fight, how will we know who is stronger? Isn't that so?"

"What a waste of time."

White Cloak on my back flashed and I entered a forced stealth state. I appeared behind him, and due to him using Element Shield, my set of skills could not get past its defense and insta-kill him. Thus, I gave him utmost respect, waiting for a full minute before using the double White Cloak attack!

White Cloak plus Annihilationbroke the shield!

Next, I used White Cloak and Dragon Will and easily killed Xia Buhui. I looked at his body which was being wrapped in the wind and stood there arrogantly while saying, "Bring it on; let's end this quickly. My time is precious!"

"Too arrogant!"

A Land of Reincarnation disciple got up, but unfortunately for him, he was easily dealt with by my one combo.

Just like that, I defeated one opponent after another. Even Little Scum lost. Only one was left, my strongest opponent, Land of Reincarnation's Lei Ling!


He jumped up and condensed a lightning sword in his hands. He laughed coldly. "This time, the Wind Cloud Platform will welcome its true master!"

"Is that so?"

He laughed out loud and slashed through the air. His attacks were indeed sharper than before. Moreover, his movements were smooth unlike the hesitation from before. This sword was tough to dodge and it pierced my chest, causing 9000+ damage. What a fierce attack; this guy was sick!


A sword took out half of my health. His gaze turned vicious and he laughed out loud. "You are going to lose today, July Wildfire!"

"I don't think so."I laughed while moving aside. I appeared behind him and slashed, opening a wound on his back and causing him to be stunned.

"What!"He panicked.

"It is over!"I shouted.The words ‘Separated by Water’ appeared around me. These few words looked really majestic and very awe-inspiring. The five-hit combo exploded and landed right onto his body. After three hits, I used a combined dagger attack and forced Lei Ling back. Moreover, he was in a momentary stun.

Dragon Will!

The air around twisted and golden runes landed. After a slap powered by the roar of a dragon, I smashed his head open and insta-killed him!

"Y-You actually..."Lei Ling looked at me in shock. His body was wrapped up by the wind and his voice trembled. "You actually have the legendary secret technique.Oh, my god..."


I looked at the damage and was filled with disbelief. It seemed like, when I used combos on NPCs, there was added damage. Separated by Water actually caused over 40000 damage. There was definitely some hidden damage; was it because of what he called the secret technique?

Who cared?As long as it was amazing, then it was fine!

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