Chapter 685- Hundred Thousand Combat Strength
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Zhan Yue Chapter 685- Hundred Thousand Combat Strength


On the walls, Lin Xi and I stood side by side in the cold wind and looked at the scenery in the distance. A few hours ago, Legend, Elements, Limitless, etc all left. The Snow Eagle castle with NPCs couldn’t be conquered anymore. They had to use the time before the event ended to get more areas and gains.

In the distance, Light Lantern led With You to block a Dimension Legion Army that tried to attack the castle. The event was about to end, and it was our last chance to get points.

“Nearly there.”

Lin Xi raised her head and looked at the time, “About to refresh.”


I nodded. Half a minute later, a bell rang in the sky---


System Notification: Congratulations, With You’s points, is: 660, obtained rewards: Merit Points +6.6 million!


6.6 million points, that was enough. This was something other guilds dreamed of, but only we got it. This 6.6 million point was enough to make up for three days of hard work for players. One could say that in this event, we had the absolute advantage. Our average rank would be much higher than other guilds.

At that moment, another bell rang in the sky. The event ended, and rewards all appeared. The long East River Corridor Battle finally ended too--


System Notification: Congratulations, warriors; the humans have finally chased the Dimension Legion out of the East River Corridor due to all your hard work. W have reclaimed a large patch of lost land, a rare heroic feat in hundreds of years! Congratulations, player July Wildfire for being ranked first, obtained rewards: Level +3, charm +10, Dragon Region Points +100 thousand, gold +200 thousand, obtained extra rewards: Cloud Chasing Thunder (Chaotic Grade), Congratulations player Dawn for being ranked second, obtained rewards: Level +2, Charm +8, Reputation points +50 thousand, Gold +120 thousand, obtained extra rewards: Snow Dragon Armor (Chaotic Grade), Congratulations player Follow Heart for being ranked third, obtained rewards: Level +2, Charm +5, Reputation points +40 thousand, obtained extra rewards

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