Chapter 642- First A Grade
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Zhan Yue Chapter 642- First A Grade

Continue forwards. The road ahead wasn’t simple anymore and there were monsters all around. Each step we took we had to clear monsters. Lin Xi pulled out Fallen Frost Sword and said, “Charge across, kill all the monsters blocking. Be quick!”

“Yes Guild Leader!”

Everyone pulled out their swords and pushed forwards along with the firepower from the back. I led the way and brought Orange Night and White Bird forwards to clear the path for the team. Most of the monsters were Pioneer Ghouls and Pioneer Cavalries. Luckily they provided many points so it wasn’t a waste.

Just like that, we followed the corridor forwards. Not far away, my Shifang Flame Spiral Eye noticed a giant mountain. There were many NPC troops fighting here but the area was surrounded by Pioneer Army troops. The dense Pioneer Cavalries blocked the entire mountain peak.

Dragon Spine Peak (A Grade): After occupying, provide 300 thousand points for members every day, current occupier: Dimension Legion Army


The human race troops are about to be wiped out so this place is recognised as the dimension legion’s.

“A Grade.”

I looked at the peak, “We have to take this down.”


Lin Xi pointed southwest and said, “I just got the news and in that direction, Elements is getting another A Grade one. We mustn’t fall behind.”


I nodded and pointed the dagger forwards, “Brothers charge and surround this peak, clear the cavalries on it!”


The sika deer cavalries charged right away. In another direction, a few small sized guilds were charging toward the mountain. If we were slow, we might fight with them. If a guild had too many enemies, it would be bad for reputation. For With You, our reputation was important. After all, we just began.

“Peng peng peng!”

I used Dark Shadow Jump to jump about. I walked to the front of the guild and if the monsters were only Pioneer Cavlaries, they couldn’t threaten me at all. Lin Xi rode the White Deer to charge with me. The two of us were like blades, leading the Sika

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