Chapter 641- Strategic spot
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Zhan Yue Chapter 641- Strategic spot

North of the gate, With You gathered in a forest. When we arrived, Light Lantern, Cal, Mundane Slaughter, Haotian etc appeared.

“Time is nearly up!”

Light Lantern rode a Sika Deer and was dressed in orange gear. His sword hung low and he looked like a sword grandmaster. He smiled, “I saw Limitless, Legend, Vanguard, etc guilds and they have just headed over. If we don’t head out we will fall behind and we won’t be able to find a good spot.”

“Then let’s head out!”

Lin Xi smiled, “Lead your teams, don’t be a mess.”

“Yes boss!”

Light Lantern raised his sword and said, “Lead your teams and head out, we will walk carefully into the corridor. Boss Lin Xi has ordered, don’t mess about!”


Lin Xi looked into the distance, “Why does it seem like we have so many more people…”

I rolled my eyes, “That is because we are a level 7 guild! The main alliance was managed and went from 4000 to 8000.”

I remember that the upper limit is 10000.” She looked at me.


I nodded, “But we can’t randomly add people. The 4000 added yesterday was from the division so we still need to fill up the numbers. Choosing the elites is most important, we can slowly add the remaining 2000.”

“We don’t have an obvious number disadvantage now.”

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Light Lantern smiled, “The main alliance has 8132 people and Assassin Alliance has 4000. Added together that is 12000+. One must know that Elements has 20 thousand so we aren’t too far behind.”

Lin Xi smiled, “Don’t be eager to brag, let’s fight a good war. If we can maintain an advantage here, our ranks will increase. Our overall strength is most important.”

“En, let’s head out!”

With You headed towards the east. We looked proud. Who knew that we would go from that guild with dozens of noobs to tens of thousands. Our strength wasn’t weak either, we were no weaker than other T1 guids!


After 20 minutes of traveling, we crossed many forests and grass patches and also saw many other guilds from other cities. 20 minutes later, a rushing stream appeared, this was the Phoenix Cry River. From a distance, the waves were a few meters high, normal ships probably wouldn’t be able to handle such waves. It was really fast too so no wonder they could stop the dimension legion’s advance.

On the right, it was a mountainous region that faced the river. The map was grey and showed that it was a map that players couldn’t enter unless they had mounts. The corridor was between these two natural barriers.

At this moment, the map was red and it showed that it was at war.

Ahead, human troops appeared. There were many small strongholds that appeared. North of us was the human army which was all in red armor. There were at least 100 thousand of them. Ahead of the cavalries were the shield soldiers, spearmen and archers. They were also all dressed in a fire red armor.

Flame Army, the trump card force of Winter Sun City, led by Zhenyang Duke himself.

Behind the group, Guan Yang rode a horse and held the reins.

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