Chapter 640- East River Corridor Battle
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Zhan Yue Chapter 640- East River Corridor Battle

Next morning, I woke up at 7 and headed out at 7:30. I bought breakfast in ten minutes and ate by 8. When Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan woke up I was already online.



I appeared in Winter Sun City and entered Great Shrine Hall right away. I sat in a corner and clicked on the Paladin skill list and selected Self Sacrifice. As expected, the skill priority was really high and needed 4 hours to merge. I entered the merge process right away.

Morning, people came and went to the Great Shrine Hall. There were people here for business and there were couples chatting not far away and they were here for some private space. That was understandable. After all, there were many players in Illusionary Moon and it was tough to find a quiet spot. If one was out one might be attacked by monsters and players. No choice, the Great Shrine Hall turned into a good place for couples.

A couple sat two rows behind me. The guy was a level 126 Warrior and he wore orange armor. He was decent in Winter Sun City. The girl was a level 99 Priest and looked around 20. She developed well and the robe she was wearing felt a little tight.


The girl said, “There are many people here… I am shy…”

The guy said, “Where are there people, they are busy. Who will care about us?”

“Look at that brother, he is sitting there alone, who knows what he is thinking. Maybe he can hear us!”

“No, he is so focused, he is probably talking. Come, kiss me, just once.”


“Wu wu wu… You are so annoying, you said once.”

“I love you, how can once be enough?”

“That brother moved a little.”

“No no.”

“You wait.”

She struggled, “Do you notice that he has the With You mark… He is… July Wildfire?”

“Damn, it really is him!”

The guy kept silent for a while, “Let’s change a spot, don’t let such a god laugh at us.”



I sucked in a deep breath and resisted the urge to hit them. Note they were gone but just five minutes later, another couple walked in. The guy was around 20+, level 123 Archer and the girl was around 40+, level 119 Paladin.

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