Chapter 639- Master time manager
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Zhan Yue Chapter 639- Master time manager

“Quick look at what the boss dropped, it is quite late already!” Shen Mingxuan smiled in anticipation.


Lin Xi walked forwards and took out four pieces of equipment from the boss. Among which two of them shone blue and purple. Apart from that, there was one orange and one red. I looked at the blue and purple one first. One was blue grade and one was purple. Everyone then turned their hopes towards the orange and red one. The orange one was a ring and the red was a robe, it looked like a leather piece of armor.

Ring first. In the next second, words spun out of Lin Xi’s palms--

Poet’s Ring (Legendary Grade)

Magic: +288

Stamina: +285

Agility: +280

Effect: Magic Crit +2%

Effect: Spell Vamp +6%

Effect: user’s buffs increase by 10%

Bonus: Raise user’s magic attack by 108%

Bonus: Raise user’s defence by 105%

Introduction: Ring worn by an ancient poet. It is said that once a person wears it, one can understand the rhythms of the world and can understand the sadness and difficulties of life.

Required level: 130


“Although it is an orange ring but its stats are top grade.”

I judged, “Magic crit and spell vamp. The bonus stats are not bad too, it is suitable for mages and also for the Spirit Zither Master.”

Light Lotus looked like she wanted it, “Actually… A piece of equipment for the Spirit Zither Master?”

“Of course.”

Lin Xi held her ring and smiled, “Spirit Zither Master relies on buffs, this ring adds buff effects so it can be considered a Spirit Zither Master’s equipment. Ruyi, look…”

Gu Ruyi didn’t hide her thoughts and smiled, “I am happy that Light Lotus can help me do this quest. Since it is the specialised equipment of the Spirit Zither Master, I don’t want it. Moreover, my ring is decent too. Lin Xi give this to Light Lotus---”


Lin Xi smiled and nodded and passed it to Light Lotus, “Take it. Along the way, there wasn’t any for you. There is finally one now, don’t decline it.”


Light Lotus smiled, “Thanks boss!”

One could see that she was smiling from her heart. She held t

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