Chapter 638- Dragon Prison Break's use
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Zhan Yue Chapter 638- Dragon Prison Break's use


The evil dragon mage was infuriated and he swept his staff. A flame laser was used and the entire space started to crack. Explosion Technique appeared in the sky. Lin Xi and I tanked the AOE skill and each lost 50 thousand health. But it was still okay, we could take it.

“Ice Glow!”

The mage turned around and spread his fingers to send out an ice glow. Ice needles shot out. I saw clearly and raised my right hand to form Light Shield Wall that blocked the ice needles. I only took 20-30% damage.


In that instance, the evil dragon mage actually stepped forwards and chaos energy wrapped around his staff. He knocked my dagger and actually forced me back. I also lost 30 thousand health!

“Be careful, dual cultivator!”

I frowned, “He can also use skills that is not listed.”


Lin Xi used White Deer Dash, Horn Stab+Ancient Totem which landed on the boss’s body. I then used Apprehension+Flames of Karma. At that moment, rage covered his face and he said viciously, “In the name of the dragon, be locked up you arrogant person-- Dragon Bind!”


A loud dragon roar sounded out in the sky and a black dragon broke out from the ground and locked me to the spot--


Battle Notification: Player July Wildfire has been trapped by Evil Dragon Kaebys, last for 7 seconds!”


What skill is!?

All of a sudden, Lin Xi’s expression changed, “Lu Li be careful!”

“No need to care about me!”

I triggered my new skill instinctively- Dragon Prison Break!


An even lower dragon roar exploded and a saint light shone at my feet. An exquisite white dragon circled around my body and the black dragon energy that trapped me was scattered instantly. The Dragon Bind that lasted for 7 seconds was instantly broken. There was also a control immunity effect and defence increase!

Lin Xi saw that and shock appeared in her eyes. She smiled, “I understand why you want to be the main tank, so that is the case.”

“How is it, is it amazing?” I attacked while smiling.

“Is it a Dragon Region skill?” She asked.


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