Chapter 637- Evil Dragon Kaebys
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Zhan Yue Chapter 637- Evil Dragon Kaebys

“Do you understand?”

Lin Xi smiled and asked.

“En understood.” I held my daggers that were covered in blue blood and smiled, “Ice Frost Mage has three attacks, when it is above 50% health, it will only shoot arrows at the player. The attack is quite decent and it doesn’t hurt much. When its health is below 50%, it will use Frost Roar. It is an AOE attack and it is quite painful. Next would be the third stage when it has less than 10% health. The Frost Mage would use Frost Demon Dragon.”

I paused, “We can fence them up, draw dozens of them at once and bring them down to 10%. Then we can use our strongest AOE skills to deal more than 10% of their health at once and not give them a chance to summon the dragon. If not it would be quite problematic. You saw the dragon, one can solo Lin Xi. Two will mess us all up.”


Lin Xi nodded and then smiled, “Let’s follow your plan. You go draw them, you have to make them stand in a 10x10 range. When they are down to 10%, Ruyi use Dragonflame Whirlpool+Ice Dragon Storm+Lightning Storm, Shen Mingxuan use Storm Arrow and Lu Li use Apprehension or Dragon Will. I will save Sword Tempest and Ancient Totem. This AOE will definitely deal 10-20% of their health.”

She looked at everyone solemnly and smiled, “Fellows, this quest is the hardest here. We need to coordinate perfectly to complete it. Let’s try our best.”


Shen Mingxuan smiled, “I am best at listening to instructions.”

My mouth twitched, “Okay, I will go draw the monsters. Wait here, follow Lin Xi’s commands. Shoot them until they reach 11-15% health and then stop.”

“Understood, you can go.”


Thus, I held the dagger and judged the distance. I used Dark Shadow Jump onto a Frost Mage and after which the 14 mages around him used Frost Arrow at the same time. I used Light Shield Wall and moved backward with the dagger to draw the mages over. They were all within a 10x10 range.

“It begins.”

Lin Xi smiled and moved forwards with Fallen Frost Sword, “Control well, use AOE to bring them down to 40% heal

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