Chapter 603- Jack Murphy
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Zhan Yue Chapter 603- Jack Murphy

Bright Moon Pass.

After walking out of the teleportation formation, I raised my head. After the maintenance, things refreshed. Bright Moon Pass didn’t and it still looked like it was covered in holes. But this also proved that Dragon Region was too poor and it didn’t have money or people. It couldn’t repair this pass at all.

Stepped into the pass.


A bunch of undead cavalries and darkness archers nodded toward me. These were people that had guarded Bright Moon Pass from the start and they didn’t understand what went on before everything changed. Black Castle was wiped out and King of Darkness died. Senior Sister became the head of Dragon Region and Source Dragon was now in charge.

But in their eyes, I was still July Wildfire, the heir to the god hall, I was their hero.

“Everyone… Are you all okay?”

I looked at them.

The undead members were filled with thoughts, among them, one darkness catcher said, “200 thousand of us guarded the pass but now only 2569 people remain. Each day, Destroyers would hunt us now such that we don’t dare to head out…”

I saw how sour and sad they were and said, “That is okay, aren’t I here now? I came for the Destroyers. Defend the pass, I will deal with them.”


Hope appeared in their eyes. Right, when I was weaker, these archers and cavalries were stronger than me but as time went on, I became the legendary Darkness Shura and they were still the same. I could easily solo Destroyers and in their eyes they were nightmares.

“Open the gate for Sir!”


Along with the sound of ropes being pulled, an iron gate rose up slowly. I held my daggers and exited before the gate had risen up. A white cloak flashed behind me and I entered White Cloak State. I used Shifang Flame Spiral Eye and entered the forest before scouting carefully.

I looked into the sky and there was a moon above.

I suddenly thought about Heaven Hound. The moment the three lords descended, I released him. Who knew where it was and also what it would do? Would it continue to be a beast that swallowed all life, would it appear in front of me in a streak of intense light, no one knew?


“Sha sha…”

At that moment, a blurry figure appeared ahead. I was a Destroyer. He knelt down on one knee like a piece of stone that was under the tree. The leaves covered him and his triangular-shaped destroyer sword was ahead of me.

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