Chapter 602- One more White Dragon Sword
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Zhan Yue Chapter 602- One more White Dragon Sword

“With me here, Dragon Region will be rebuilt.”

Source White Dragon’s eyes were half opened and his aura was really ethereal making it hard for someone to read him. He just looked at Xuanyuan Ying, “Human Race and Dragon Region will sign an agreement to rebuild the saint land and it will benefit humans, elves and dwarves. Dragon Region’s rebuild naturally needs the help of the humans.”


Xuanyuan Ying said seriously, “Don’t worry Saint Dragon, I will lead the entire empire to sign an alliance with Dragon Region. We will fight against the invasion of the evil spirits!”


White Dragon looked toward Senior Sister Yun, “Jing Yun Yue.”


She walked forwards.

The dragon looked at her and said slowly, “Although you are from Black Castle but you are human. Moreover, you are from the bloodline that protects the world tree, you are kind and talented. I will give you a god weapon that I hope will rule Dragon Region by your side and protect light and darkness. Come!”

The white dragon raised his head and spat out a holy light. The light gathered and formed an exquisite sword. The body was covered in patterns and it looked celestial-like.


Senior Sister Yun’s mouth opened slightly. When the sword floated to her side, she touched it and her eyes were filled with joy. The blade turned into a white light that wrapped around her arm. She tapped it and it turned back into a long sword. In that instance, the sword and her merged.

“This sword is called White Dragon, it is formed of true essence and it has the power to destroy the world. You must use it well.”


Senior Sister Yun held it and knelt in front of Source White Dragon, “Yun Yue will remember that!”


The White Dragon said slowly, “Back down. Yun Yue, come here three days later, I will teach you a White Dragon Technique to raise your strength.”

“Okay, thank you Saint Dragon.”


Yun Yue got up and glanced at Xuanyuan Ying, “Your Majesty, let’s go. Let Saint Dragon rest.”


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