Chapter 600- Who is young?
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Zhan Yue Chapter 600- Who is young?

“Flush… Flush…”

Shen Mingxuan who was usually very confidently was like a trembling duck. She felt like she had disturbed our good moment and said, “The flushing system is spoiled so I can only use the public one. Tomorrow you help me fix it, I am going, you guys continue…”

How to continue?

I looked at her back and also at Lin Xi’s whose face flushed red. She had flown eight feet away from me and was hugging a pillow. She pouted and then carefully looked at me, “Am I… Am I too direct?”

“Still okay---”

I consoled, “Actually, I think you are right. Your ideals are straight, so straight that it makes someone want to beat you up…”

She smiled and laughed naughtily, “Can you be softer when you hit me?”

“No, my nickname is Ouyang Powerful!”



I stood up, since we couldn’t continue, we could only head to bed. Lin Xi went back to her room and I also went downstairs to bathe to calm myself down. The moment I closed my eyes, Lin Xi’s looks appeared in my mind. It was of her giving me her wet lips. I instantly felt a hot blood surge!

Just like that, after ten minutes I still didn't fall asleep.


A message came from Shen Mingxuan, “Ah Li touch your heart and tell me, did you want to take away her first kiss?”


I sent an ellipsis and didn’t know what to say.


She sent a voice message, “Seems like I interrupted you two. Will she get angry? What if she scolds me in the guild?”

“Your problem then!”

I asked, “Why aren’t you sleeping?”

“I was woken up, I am trying to sleep now!”

“Don’t sleep first.”

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

I grinned, “Come out and go online. I got a bow for you, let me trade it to you so you can level with it. Anyways I will sleep until noon.”

“Oh? What bow? Is it strong?!”

“Stop your nonsense, just go online!”



I went upstairs and wore the helmet. Shen Mingxuan went online too and we met at the Winter Sun City square. When I took out the White Deer Bow, she was stunned. She looked at this level 120 Chaotic Graed bow and she was really emotional, “Ah Li!”

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