Chapter 599- Innocent Lin Xi
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Zhan Yue Chapter 599- Innocent Lin Xi


Lin Xi smiled, “What happened, what happened Lu Li?”


I laughed, “I got the White Deer too, let me send it to you!”

I took out the mount sealing stone and it was really bright. On it was the elegant White Deer which raised its horns high. It didn’t move like it was waiting for its new master. The moment I sent it to her, I took a look myself and my heart was jumping quickly too--

White Deer (Chaotic Grade Boss Mount)

Strength: +445

Stamina: +442

Magic: +440

Agility: +435

Attack Increase: +500%

Defence Increase: +450%

Movement speed increase: +480%

Health increase: 100000

Effect: Attack range +5

Effect: White Deer Protection, damage reduction +25%

Effect: White Deer Power, damage +30%

Effect: Can evolve

Skill: Horn Stab, charge targets within 5 yards, 75% chance to stun and deal huge damage

Skill: Saint Flame, ignite the region around to deal huge damage

Skill: Ancient Totem, after use, deal a totem suppression damage in a 10x10 area, cooldown of 6 seconds

Mount durability: +300%

Introduction: White Deer, ancient era spiritual beast, there is said to only be one and it is made of the spiritual essence of heaven and earth. It walks in the form of a deer, it can control water and chase the wind and everyone hopes to see it and would be blessed in their lives.

Required level: 120


I was shocked and only after a while did I say, “Do you think that… The stats are too shameless? 25% damage reduction, 25% damage increase, it also has three skills. What is worse is that it can evolve. This is a mount that can be used forever. Lin Xi, congratulations…”


Her face flushed.

I bent down to pick up the gold and there were a few other items. It actually only dropped two, a light wrapped bow and a silver light dagger. Both were weapons. There was also a shining token and it should be the legendary Guild Creation Token. Finally, I got my own Guild Creation Token after getting the first Chaotic Grade kill, although it was a little too late!

Time to head back!

After crushing t

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