Chapter 598- First Chaotic Grade Kill
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Zhan Yue Chapter 598- First Chaotic Grade Kill


Muddy Waters missed!

Search for the original.

My head felt hot. Since I got Muddy Waters, it had never missed. This skill’s priority level was really strong but I didn’t expect it to fail against a Chaotic Grade Boss. The moment it missed, the golden mark of the ancient totem landed on my body and I felt like my body sunk down into the ground!



So vicious! This was even after the 80% damage reduction. Without it, it would deal 300 thousand damage, it was a skill that could insta kill. Current Paladins might not have such high health right? I had Darkness Transformation’s health buff so I barely tanked it!

When I recovered from the Ancient Totem hit, I heard the sound of wind being broken through. My chest felt pained and I was knocked aside, losing 20 thousand health. Light Shield Wall’s effect disappeared so I had to be careful!


Dark Shadow Jump and I appeared behind the White Deer. I activated Bloodthirst Blade and used Basic Attack+Backstab+Basic Attack+Godslaying Blade+Basic attack. In the next second, it activated Saint Flame and flames wrapped around me. It also used Horn Stab which had a knockback effect. Along with the burn of the flames, the health I healed back was gone in a blink.

Ancient Totem!

Another golden totem descended from the sky and the deer’s mark appeared at the center. It was the mark of the White Deer race and it looked really beautiful but it was extremely strong. What was worse was the CD was really short. In just five seconds it used it twice!?


Darkness Spiritual Ruin shone and it was like a furnace that was sputting out flames to provide strong energy for me. The moment it was about to land on my head, I used Dark Shadow Jump on a banner behind it and used Hunter’s Edge+Flames of Karma to heal a little.

“Ai ai---”

Light wrapped around the deer’s body and it was like a god beast that descended from ancient times. It turned around and landed a horn stab on me. In that process, spiritual essence shone and if I was hit, I would probably lose a bunch of health. At that moment, I saw clearly, the moment I was about to get hit I jumped to the banner behind it. I saw it brush past my chest and it missed! Too dangerous!

I had to control my health if not even with the few Paladin skills it was useless. To solo the White Deer seemed a little impossible!


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