Chapter 597- Sped up merger
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Zhan Yue Chapter 597- Sped up merger

Under White Cloak state, I sat down under a rock pillar that wouldn’t spawn monsters and opened the merging list. I clicked on Saint Healing Hammer. Forget it, merge this big hammer first. I also wanted to prove that the healing effect would be based on the Assassin’s stats or the Paladin account.

If it was the Assassin account then it wasn’t much of a deal, the basic healing wasn’t much. But if it was based on the Paladin stats, then it was time to equip my Paladin to push its healing up. Then my Assassin’s survivability would increase and during the next PK, my opponents would be ripped apart!


Just like that, two hours passed.


A message came from Lin Xi, “We are about to order the food, what would you like to eat?”

I looked at the time, “It doesn’t matter, the important thing is that I will log off at 6:15, best if we eat exactly then!”


She was speechless, “What weird thing are you doing?”

“Merging skills!”

I laughed, “Lin Xi do you know why I am in such a rush to merge my skills? I didn’t even do a quest.”

“Why?” She smiled.

“Let me show you something.”

I changed my character view and showed her the elegant White Deer that was nearby. I then said, “Chaotic Grade Boss, I want to get the first kill!”

“Wow, solo? Do you need my help?”

“Yes solo.”

I said solemnly, “You don’t have to head over, I am afraid my plan might get messed up. After all, what is important isn’t the first kill but the slight chance of this becoming a mount. Do you know?”


Her eyes were filled with shock.

I showed her the stats from the Shifang Flame Spiral Eye column, “Lin Xi, do you like this? Do you want it to be your mount?”

“Like… I like…”

She opened her eyes wide and she looked like how a neighbor girl looked like when she craved a short skirt, “Lu Li, that is a Chaotic Grade Mount, don’t you want it?”


I shook my head and smiled, “Although it looks nice but it is too gentle. I need a fierce and stronger mount, it is more suitable for you.”

“Okay then…”

She licked her lips, “Then good luck!”

“En, but you saw that there is only a 20% success rate so it is uncertain. Don’t have too high hopes.”

“En en!”

She nodded her head and smiled, “If you can get it then it is luck from the heavens, if not then it is fine. Anyways, it is hard work. I will order with Shen Mingxuan.”



At 6pm, along with a ring, a new pattern appeared in my skill column. Finally, Saint Healing Hammer became one of my skills---

Saint Healing Hammer (Merge): Summon a saint hammer, deal huge healing to allies in a certain region


Time to test it out!

I stood up and used it right away. A holy light bathed my body and it was quite hard to adapt to it. My Shura account could actually get covered in saint light so that felt weird. In the next second, a giant hammer landed and healing storm shot out. I was the only one so only I was healed--


Not bad, the healing data came from my Paladin account. If it was from my Assassin account the healing number wouldn’t exceed ten thousand!

Moreover, it was an instant skill so it didn’t waste too much time. This 60 thousand healing could allow me to survive better. More importantly, it was a permanent merged skill. In battles, my assassin could use it on allies, just thinking about it felt beautiful.

I went offline. Time to continue merging Envoy of Light and Light Shield Wall at night.

I took off my helmet and a scent filled my nose. The table was filled with dishes and there was a braised fish that I was craving. The fish wasn’t as nice as other varieties and the meat was a little thick but no choice. My family wasn’t rich when I was young. Sister and father were starting out when I was in school so I lived with my grandfather. To eat fish then was already really good.

So, I craved this food. It wasn’t like what Ah Fei thought, that I was rich since young. Actually, I had gone through enough hardships. Even in high school I was below average in the class. If I mentioned this while saying that I was the son of Ouyang Luofeng, no one would believe me.


“Ah Li what have you been doing?”

Shen Mingxuan passed me a rice box, “The group is so noisy but you didn’t make a sound?”

“Busy, so I didn’t say anything.”

“Busy with what?”

“Many things, I am just a busy person.”


Shen Mingxuan was speechless and Lin Xi laughed, “No need to ask, this is our secret. If you are lucky you should know soon.”


Shen Mingxuan pouted, “Ruyi and I are abandoned. The entire atmosphere of the studio is so different from us.”

I stared, “What are you complaining about, at most I treat you to an ice cream.”

“Haagen Daaz!”

“Okay, one for everyone. I will transfer you, you can go get it!”

“Shouldn’t you get it, then it will show your sincerity.”

“I told you that I am busy!”

“Okay, understood brother---”



After dinner, I transferred 200 to Shen Mingxuan to told her to buy. Lin Xi raised her hand that she wanted to head out so Gu Ruyi smiled and joined in too. The three girls headed out but I wasn’t so free. After heading online, I started to merge Envoy of Light.

Three hours later, 10pm, merge complete!

Another tough question. Light Shield Wall needed 4 hours which meant that I couldn’t go offline for four hours. No choice, I went offline and went to the toilet before heading online to merge. I sent Lin Xi a message, “The next time I come offline is 2:04 so leave some supper for me---”


She asked, “So… After you merge the final skill, you can try to attack the deer?”


I smiled, “A first Chaotic Grade boss kill early in the morning, doesn’t that sound good?”

“Yes yes---”

She smiled, “Then I will wait for you.”

“En, okay---”


Time passed bit by bit and not long later, Shen Mingxuan’s food order was here. Gu Ruyi ate a little and then the two of them went to sleep. Lin Xi remained to accompany me and she was also still online. We lasted until 2am before a bell rang and a new skill appeared on my skill list---

Light Shield Wall (Merge): Summon saint light to form a shield wall to provide 80% damage reduction. Also block 50% of penetrative attacks for allies behind, last for 7 seconds


This time things were relatively safer. Along with Ash Fortress, Envoy of Light, Saint Healing Hammer, Light Shield Wall, my Assassin’s survivability rose like a rocket. Time to prove it, I should be able to kill this Chaotic Grade Boss. Of course, I had to go all out if not it would be tough!

I went offline and ate with Lin Xi. Then I headed online, time to begin!


Darkness Transformation spun around me and I held my daggers to charge at the White Deer. After placing a few bloodthirst Banners and with White Cloak, I used Annihilation. I used Backstab and as the deer cried out, it used Spirit Essence and light wrapped around it to damage me!

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Ash Fortress!

After I used it, I didn’t stop and continued to attack. The more damage I dealt, the more health I healed. Just like that, in less than ten seconds, the White Deer cried out. It used Saint Flame and I was in a sea of fire, my whole body was burning!

Light Shield Wall, use it!

A blue Paladin figure split from my body and the Star River Shield smashed onto the ground to form the Light Shield Wall effect in front of me. With the 80% damage reduction, the damage wasn’t so unbearable anymore. With my attacks, the White Deer cried out and used Saint Flames+ Spirit Essence!

Envoy of light!

Another blue light split off from the Paladin figure. It raised its sword and golden ripples spread out from its legs to heal itself and its allies. Envoy of Light’s healing was lower than Saint Healing Hammer but it was passive healing. After activating then one didn’t need to bother about it. Envoy of Light would continue to heal me.

Thus, although the White Deer roared in rage, but it was unable to kill the weak assassin that I looked like. It instantly became even more frustrating!

“Weng weng weng---”

A diagram stacked under its feet and it entered a channeling stage. Was it about to use a large scale skill, ancient totem!?


Muddy Waters!

Interrupt it!

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