Chapter 597- Sped up merger
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Zhan Yue Chapter 597- Sped up merger

Under White Cloak state, I sat down under a rock pillar that wouldn’t spawn monsters and opened the merging list. I clicked on Saint Healing Hammer. Forget it, merge this big hammer first. I also wanted to prove that the healing effect would be based on the Assassin’s stats or the Paladin account.

If it was the Assassin account then it wasn’t much of a deal, the basic healing wasn’t much. But if it was based on the Paladin stats, then it was time to equip my Paladin to push its healing up. Then my Assassin’s survivability would increase and during the next PK, my opponents would be ripped apart!


Just like that, two hours passed.


A message came from Lin Xi, “We are about to order the food, what would you like to eat?”

I looked at the time, “It doesn’t matter, the important thing is that I will log off at 6:15, best if we eat exactly then!”


She was speechless, “What weird thing are you doing?”

“Merging skills!”

I laughed, “Lin Xi do you know why I am in such a rush to merge my skills? I didn’t even do a quest.”

“Why?” She smiled.

“Let me show you something.”

I changed my character view and showed her the elegant White Deer that was nearby. I then said, “Chaotic Grade Boss, I want to get the first kill!”

“Wow, solo? Do you need my help?”

“Yes solo.”

I said solemnly, “You don’t have to head over, I am afraid my plan might get messed up. After all, what is important isn’t the first kill but the slight chance of this becoming a mount. Do you know?”


Her eyes were filled with shock.

I showed her the stats from the Shifang Flame Spiral Eye column, “Lin Xi, do you like this? Do you want it to be your mount?”

“Like… I like…”

She opened her eyes wide and she looked like how a neighbor girl looked like when she craved a short skirt, “Lu Li, that is a Chaotic Grade Mount, don’t you want it?”


I shook my head and smiled, “Although it looks nice but it is too gentle. I need a fierce and stronger mount, it is more suitable for you.”

“Okay then…”

She licked her lips, “Then good luc

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