Chapter 530- Meeting Han Yixiao
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Zhan Yue Chapter 530- Meeting Han Yixiao


Elder Dragon’s body was filled with strength. He spread his fingers and the space around twisted. It was as if a demon dragon was waking up. I couldn’t move at all and I just felt like my body was being suppressed. I couldn’t hit back at all. It would be too easy for Elder Dragon to kill me.


Sword light shone and the sky turned grey. When I raised my head, that figure in a white robe stabbed out a dozen meter sword energy and it hit Elder Dragon’s body, forcing his palm back and even his body was about to dissipate.

This wasn’t Elder Dragon’s true body!

Sulfur Flame Hall had the life mark laws so if Elder Dragon’s body dared to come in, he would turn to dust. This was just his spiritual power projection but it was still so strong. After it was hit by that expert, half his body started to disappear. But he still carried Li Yang and he looked at me coldly, “You bastard, you will get punished!”

He hugged Li Yang and disappeared into the space cracks.


“Han Yixiao!”

I raised my head and saw a starlight whirlpool. Another body formed and it was the old man that had been talking to me. After Li Yang’s hit, his body was breaking apart but he still existed in his wandering soul form. He looked at the resting Fire Qilin and then at me. His eyes looked really caring.

“Young hero, you saved the Sulfur Flame God Hall.”

He sighed, “If it wasn’t for you, everything here as well as young master’s safety, all of them would probably get destroyed by that evil teen’s hands.”

I nodded, “It was what I should do. He is our common enemy. Senior can you give me one Sulfur Flame Grass? I just need one.”


He nodded and waved. One translucent flaming grass appeared in my hands. At that moment, the Fire Qilin struggled up and came to my side. He used his broken horn and nudged my legs. Its eyes flashed as it looked at me and it even waved its leg.

I laughed and bent down. I looked at its missing horn and touched my relatively missing horn too and smiled, “I lack one horn too, such fate. We are beings punished by the heavens.”

“Wu wu--”

It made a sound and its voice was really cute.

I smiled and lowered my head. It lowered its head too and our heads touched. I touched its head and smiled, “Luckily you didn’t get eaten or it would be a waste.”

“Cough cough.”

The old man coughed and said, “Young hero, you two are fated, but… Young Master still has to stay here to cultivate and grow, so…”

“I know, I am not planning to bring it away.”

I stood up and placed the Sulfur Flame Grass into my bag. I cupped my fists at the old man and said, “Thank you senior!”

He bowed, “Young hero, I should be the one to thank you!”

At that moment, the grass disappeared and the quest was complete!


System Notification: Congratulations for completing the main quest Sulfur Flame God Hall (Starlight Grade), obtained level +1, contribution points +20 million, Charm +10, gold +80000, obtained extra rewards: Fire God Necklace (Chaotic Grade)!

Note: Illusionary Moon equipment grade are: Strong/Elite(green), Rare/Super Rare(blue), Precious/Treasure(Purple), Unique/legendary(orange), Legacy/Chaotic(Red), Shanhai/End of the Universe(Gold),...



I was stunned, Chaotic Grade? A super red equipment dropped so soon?

All of a sudden I was filled with joy and opened my bag. I glanced and saw a red necklace laying there. After taking it out, there was an ancient magma stone at the end of the necklace. Ancient inscriptions were within. I waved and its stats appeared. I sucked in a deep breath, Chaotic Grade equipment really was so explosive--

Fire God Necklace (Chaotic Grade)

Agility: +400


Magic: +388

Special Effect: Critical Strike +3%

Effect: Lifesteal +6%

Effect: Fire god, raise attack by 2500

Effect: Fire Feather, reduce flame damage by 40%

Effect: Fire God Strike, 35% chance of triggering extra hit and deal 300% flame damage

Skill: Fire God Body, summon the fire god body to protect yourself and gain 9 seconds of invincibility while obtaining 35% increase attack at the same time

Bonus: Raise user’s attack by 185%

Bonus: Raise user’s defence by 182%

Introduction: Fire God Necklace, a necklace crafted by an ancient god blacksmith that contained the essence of the flame element. It was worn by the last Fire God and as time passed, the fire power in the necklace got stronger and stronger. In the end it turned into such a top necklace. Once one wears it, combat strength will definitely increase greatly.

Required Level: 120


Perfect stats!

My heart nearly stopped. Like what Lin Xi said, my equipment really was an Attack Chasing one. Fire God Strike, 35% chance of triggering and it dealt an additional 300% damage. This meant that the effect was up to 300%*35% which was 105%. Each attack and basic attack would deal an average of 105% damage. What kind of concept was that!

Apart from that, what was rare was the invincibility skill, Fire God Body. A 9 second invincibility effect and also increased attack by 35%, maybe these 9 seconds would be the nightmare of any opponent!

En, the first Chaotic Grade equipment on the server was so strong!


I equipped it right away and my level was just enough. I was level 119 previously and now with the reward, I was level 120. Along with me equipping thee necklace, my combat strength surged--

July Wildfire (Shadow of the Exiled)

Level: 120

Attack: 11785- 13640 (+1215%)

Defence: 7313 (+1200%)

Health: 106000

Critical Strike: 46.93%

Lifesteal: 32.5%

Comprehension: 97

Charm: 153

Soul Star: 200

Contribution Points: 70202005

Combat Strength: 45225


Critical Strike increased to 47% which was a dream stat for Assassins. Along with the 32% lifesteal, I didn’t even need to use health potions. Apart from that, my attack and stats increased a lot. My combat strength rose to 45 thousand, such a terrifying number, I was top in the entire server!

My stats could crush all players!

Right at that moment, the whirlpool got bigger and bigger and my body flew up uncontrollably. I stepped into it and the Black Castle disciples said, “Senior Brother, where are you going?”

I didn’t know where I was going but I knew that after a Starlight quest, I obtained a chance to step into a checkpoint.

I flew right in and I stepped on the calm mirror-like water. It reflected the sky full of stars. Right ahead, a figure was reflected down. It was that teen holding a sword and who was in silver armor. He crossed his arms and looked at me.

“Ah Li, I finally see you…” His voice was so familiar.

“Old Han!”

My bdy shook and my daggers fell to the ground. My nose felt sour, “Where are you, you have disappeared from our world, where did you go?”


He raised his head and showed his firm and resilient face, “Ah Li you shouldn’t have come to find me, actually, I am not here anymore, I am like dust floating in an unknown world, although I… I think about you and Ah Fei that brat…”

“Old Han don’t give up, believe me… I will bring you back!”

“No need.”

His body started to disappear, “Ah Li give up, continue searching will bring you chaos and problems for people around you. This is a world that us mortals can’t go against do you understand?”

“Han Yixiao!”

I clenched my fist and my body spurted out Darkness Shura aura, “Where did your fighting spirit go to, why are you so dejected. I don’t care… But I will bring you back!”


He laughed and his eyes turned red, “You are still you, that Lu Li that I know, my best brother, goodbye, who knows if we will meet again, I hope you are well…”

His body disappeared and at that instance, I saw the ID on his head---

September Cloak

An ID that was forgotten by the world, Legend’s strongest Warrior. Only Ah Fei and I still thought about him.


“Old Han!”

“Han Yixiao!”

I looked at the whirlpool and raised Seven Star Blade. I pointed and shouted, “No matter what you went through, don’t give up! I will find you. I rather die than give up, live well for me!”

The sky was silent and no one replied.


I lowered my head and was filled with emotions. Just one glance and he disappeared again. What was he facing? What was I going to face?!

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I landed and got teleported out of the whirlpool, appearing in the Sulfur Flame Hall once more.

“Senior Brother is back!”

Everyone cheered.

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