Chapter 529- Fighting Li Yang (2)
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Zhan Yue Chapter 529- Fighting Li Yang (2)

“July Wildfire!”

A darkness dragon pounced out of the apprehension light and smashed into me. The dragon claw turned into Li Yang’s fingers and he pressed me onto a stone pillar. He was only down to 72%, “Do you think your tricks can kill me?”


I gritted my teeth and saw White Cloak’s state, it was a few seconds off CD. I could only use it to break free. At that moment, a bunch of people entered. They were Sword Two, Sword Three, Dong Yuanbai, Two Balls etc. When they saw that I was being stopped by Li Yang, they attacked.

“Save Senior Brother, quick!”

Sword light shone and Dong Yuanbai used Cloud Wind Palm while Two Balls charged over.

“Bunch of ants, scram!”

Li Yang raised his left hand and that turned into a darkness energy wave that forced everyone to spit out blood. Dozens of Black Castle elite youngsters couldn’t even block one slap. An Eternal Realm expert was truly much stronger than everyone else.


Li Yang raised a finger that stabbed right into my forehead, he laughed coldly, “I heard that your Shura Spiritual Ruin has turned into a legendary Darkness Spiritual Ruin, tsk tsk… Come, let me take it out and see how strong it is!”

There was a buzz and my mind was blank. A strong power was ripping the darkness spiritual ruin. It rose up in the energy ocean and it was being stolen by his power. The Darkness Spiritual Ruin turned into a mountain that was seeping out from my forehead.

“Hahaha, it is here!”

Li Yang opened his mouth and wanted to swallow it like he swallowed the horn of the Fire Qilin.

At this moment, White Cloak was three seconds away!


Instantly, I was filled with despair!

But at that moment, a figure flew over and was covered in flames. With a “peng”, he knocked into the side of Li Yang and forced him back. The Spiritual Ruin that was about to enter his mouth flew back into my body. Only now did I see that the person who saved me was the Fire Qilin pup!

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“Little thing, you are asking for death!”

Li Yang kicked it aside and the pup spat out blood. It landed in the bushes at the corner of the wall.


The moment Li Yang kicked the pup aside, I used Gouge to stun him and then I followed it up with a set of skills. I had to lower his health or I had no chance. But I didn’t dare to put out Orange Night or White Bird as they will get insta killed.

After using my skills, I retreated.

But he was too fast and he charged over. He slapped me with his claws. He didn’t give me a chance at all. “Peng” and I was pressed onto the wall. I was slammed onto it and I fell into the side hall.


While I was laying in a pile of rubble, I raised my hand to use a Trap Skill.

“Come, time to send you on your way!”

Li Yang roared and charged in front of me. But in the next second, he was wrapped by the vines of the trap technique, 2.2 seconds!


I hollered and used Seven Star Blade’s skill-- Seven Star Chaos!

“Hong hong hong--”

Meteors slammed into the hall and they just landed on Li Yang’s body to lower his health. I held my dagger and used basic attacks to follow up. The moment Trap Skills’ stun ended, I raised my hand and used Demon Tribulation! Time to bet on my luck!

It was obvious that I was quite lucky as Li Yang was confused. He took so much damage!

After Seven Star Chaos was done, he was down to 35% health!


He raised his hand and a shocking black tail appeared to slam into my side. I flew out and passed through the entire hall and into a pole on the left. Dust fell and the hall was about to collapse. I was down to 20% health. This strike took 70% of my health, so vicious!

My ribs were all shattered and I just laid there, I lost my strength to fight back.

“Senior Brother!”

A bunch of Black Castle disciples shouted but no one could get close. His darkness dragon aura was too strong and if they heard forwards they would burn into ash.


“Is this where you will rest? Ha?”

He smiled with an evil and violent smile, “This is our July Wildfire? Wind Cloud Platform’s pride, top of the outer five locations? The strongest heir to the god hall? Why is he like an ownerless dog laying beneath my feet? Where did your pride go to?”

I looked at him and didn’t bother. I raised my hand and took out the Blistering Flame Fruit… I grabbed many Throatsealers and shoved them all in. An indescribably bad taste exploded in my mouth. There was the fruity taste of the fruit and also that of the poison.

The two powers mixed in my stomach and it formed a TNT effect, exploding!


There was an explosion in my inner world and the entire sky started to crack. This was a feeling I hadn’t felt in a long time. My Darkness Spiritual Ruin’s power doubled and the energy ocean was ten times bigger. My mind felt much clearer!


System Notification: Congratulations, you have reached Spiritual Ruin Realm, and obtained the skill Spiritual Ruin Power!



Two Balls laughed out maniacally, “He broke through to Spiritual Ruin Realm, hahaha!!!”


Sword Three was happy, “July Wildfire is able to fight toe to toe with Li Yang at Heaven Realm, now that he is in Spiritual Realm, Li Yang won’t be his match!”

Dong Yuanbai looked above, “Heavens, you have Black Castle a bit of hope…”


Spiritual Ruin Realm?

I glanced and the skill details appeared in front of me--

Spiritual Ruin Power (SSS Grade): Passive, see into the mysteries of the universe, obtain Spiritual Ruin Power, all skills strength +30%, defence, magic resistance +40%, resistance to control and poison +40%, damage to NPC +250%, defence against NPCs +200%


This… Was too strong? Was this the effect of the fruit plus poison?! I actually broke through and that was something I didn’t expect. I thought that it would take a long time!


Spiritual Ruin Power exploded from my body and recovered most of my injuries. My body felt really strong and filled with energy.

I got up. With the 250% increased damage and 200% increased defence and the power of the three fruits, I had absolute confidence. This Sulfur Flame God Hall was where he would be buried in!


Along with Dark Shadow Jump, I dealt 4 million damage. My knee was covered in darkness lightning and then I hit his stomach. The moment he flew out, I used the ring’s special skill-- Demonic Blade Heaven Swallowing!


A blade light shone and it forced Li Yang back. His health was down to 10%. He climbed backwards and his voice trembled, “July… July Wildfire, you… You can’t kill me, I am the heir to the dragon soul, I am the young master, you can’t kill me, if you kill me… You are bullying your ancestor!”

“Is that so?”

Seven Star Blade stabbed into his chest and nailed him to the wall. I looked at him coldly, “You are the one, I am just clearing house. Do you understand?”

I raised Heartstealer and it was covered in lighting. One slash and I would behead him.

But at that moment, a voice spread from my heart, “Don’t kill him, that would be too easy. Remove his dragon meridian and turn him into trash, isn’t that better?”


I laughed, it was Heaven Hound, “What a brother, you can talk to me from so far away seems like your strength has recovered well!”

“Haha, still okay…”

He smiled awkwardly.

“How do I take his dragon meridian?”

“The most powerful one in his heart, just pull it.”


I raised my hand and my fingers were covered in lighting. I stabbed it into his chest and darkness power spread. I found it and grabbed it. This finger sized golden dragon meridian was pulled out. All of a sudden, his body twitched and he fell unconscious.

“You… You are crazy July Wildfire, you are crazy!”

I held it and smiled. After it left the body it was unable to maintain, just turning into gold dust.


Right at that moment, I heard a violent roar, “Bunch of mad men! You… Can’t kill Li Yang, he is mine!”

Elder Dragon!

A space tunnel appeared and Elder Dragon’s claw appeared.

I slashed three times but I was forced back. I was still much weaker than him.


He stuck out half his body and his face were filled with shock. After looking at me, killing energy filled his face, “Seems like I can’t let you live today!”


Right at that moment, a pure silver light descended from above and landed on both our bodies. A voice spread from the sky, “Stop the killing or else… Die!”


I was shocked and my goosebumps rose up. That voice was too familiar.

I looked up and all I saw was a silver light. I shouted, “Han Yixiao, is that you?”

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