Chapter 528- Fighting Li Yang (1)
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Zhan Yue Chapter 528- Fighting Li Yang (1)


Within the Sulfur Flame God Hall, there was a loud explosion. When I stepped up, I saw a giant Seven Star Flame Wolf that cried out as Li Yang tossed him out onto the ground. It was on the verge of death. In the direction of the hall was a fragrance that had a bit of flame energy with it!

Sulfur Flame Grass, this was definitely it!

I charged right in and noticed that there were a few more protector beasts but some were killed and some were on the verge of death. At the end of the hall on a platform similar to that of a sacrificial platform, there were dozens of spiritual grass growing. Each leaf was a scorching flame. These were definitely the legendary Sulfur Flame Grass. Behind them was a beast that was covered in flames, it was really young and it was just a baby beast!

I looked closely and its name appeared in front of me--

Fire Qilin Baby (Unknown Grade)

Introduction: The real master of the Sulfur God Hall, an infant beast



Li Yang laughed coldly, “Seems like the Sulfur Flame Grass is planted for this little thing. Good, I will destroy it and then take all the Flame Sulfur Grass!”


A light descended and turned into a grey robed old man. His palms were covered in flames and slammed down. “The Sulfur Flame Grass is the source of the Fire Qilin’s power, how do you dare to be so arrogant?”

“A wandering soul, you are the arrogant one!”

Li Yang shouted and slapped out which caused the space around to twist. The Darkness Dragon surged through space and smashed into the old man’s body such that he nearly dissipated. He looked below and said sadly, “Master, servant is unable to complete the quest…”

Li Yang stepped forwards and held up the sleeping pup. He actually opened his head and bit down on one of its horns.


The horn was bitten and swallowed by Li Yang. The Fire Qilin cried out in pain and its horn bled.

“It really tastes great!”

Li Yang laughed out loud. His mouth opened really wide and his face looked really vicious. He really even looked like the head of the Darkness Dragon. After chewing the horn, a Fire Qilin mark appeared on his hand. He was swallowing its bloodline power and turning it into his own. This was terrifying!

“Not bad not bad--”

After Li Yang swallowed an entire horn, he opened his mouth to bite the other.


The moment he tried to bite, I appeared in front of him and slashed down at him. Li Yang bit down on Heartstealer and Seven Star Blade. Blood splattered and he instinctively tossed the Fire Qilin aside before kicking me.

I couldn’t get hit if not I wouldn’t be able to heal up!

I only had one chance and only a short amount of time. I raised my hand to summon the Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map to block his kick. At the same time, I entered Darkness Shura state and many body was covered in lightning. Not only that, I knew that this wasn’t enough so I took the Flame Soul Grass and swallowed them. With a loud explosion, flame energy exploded in me and raised my basic attack by 20000 points!

This was far from enough!

While retreating, I shoved the Dust Forgetting Fruit into my mouth. A thick power exploded in my stomach and covered my body. In that instance, health +500%, Attack +200%, defence +300!

With Darkness Transformation, Soul Star Explosion and Dust Forgetting Fruit, my health increased by 15 times and I had 1.56 million health. But I was a little disappointed as I thought that Dust Forgetting Fruit’s 500% increase would be a multiplier but it was just an additive effect. However, even so, the 1.56 million health was quite terrifying!


Li Yang could sense my aura chance and his eyes were filled with shock, “The thing you ate can actually make you so much stronger? Die!”

He didn’t give me a chance to eat the Blistering Flame Fruit and just slapped down!

Time to test my strength!

The moment Li Yang slashed, I used Gouge. This Gouge was really different and even the light was much brighter. “Pu” and I dealt 1.42 million damage. That shocked me, what kind of damage was that?

Seemed like they had hidden attack increases if not one gouge wouldn’t be able to deal so much damage.

Li Yang was stunned by this Gouge. I immediately ran behind him and used Backstab +Hunter’s Edge + Flames of Karma. Damage numbers jumped up and I was dazzled--









What kind of damage was this? I was stunned, this wave dealt 22 million damage and Li Yang lost 5% of his health. This meant that his overall health was around 500 million and he was much higher than normal Legacy Grade Boss but he wasn’t the Chaotic Grade yet.


He hollered. He didn’t even turn his head and he just jumped up. A dragon soul circled the sky and then knocked me aside. My chest hurt and I lost 400 thousand health just like that. Seemed like he held back when he attacked me in Black Castle!

“You are being disrespectful, you have to die here!”

Li Yang hollered in rage. Dragon flames surged in his palms and his face was really vicious.

I tossed a Bloodthirst Banner. The series of skills showed me a chance to solo him so the moment I tossed it out, I used White Cloak. I dodged his damage and both his attacks missed. I dodged behind him and used Annihilation+ Backstab+ Dragon WIll!

Along with a Dragon roar, three damage numbers rose up above his head and they were so beautiful to watch.





Dragon Will was really a god skill against NPCs.


Li Yang hollered and after eating my palm, he turned around and used his palm as a dragon claw to hook my left wrist. He smiled, “Do you think you can escape?”

I flew into the sky and was slammed down. My chest was hit by a claw and I lost 800 thousand health just like that. At that moment, I used my combo without even thinking!

“Separated by Water!”

Golden energy currents surged and I broke free from his restraint and dealt a series of damage. I kneed his chin and then this king that merged with the darkness dragon bloodline was knocked back. He hollered, “You have to die!”

Before I even landed, my heel was grabbed and I was smashed into the pillar of the hall. My health dropped below 50% once more. I spun around and Li Yang stomped. The scenes of a darkness dragon pouncing at me could be seen.


Dark Shadow Jump succeeded as I leaped to the banner. There was a loud explosion as the entire hall shook. After that stomp, that place had become a deep hole.


Li Yang roared and used Giant Dragon Storm such that I could only place the Blistering Flame Fruit I just took out back into my bag. I had no chance to eat it at all. I used the Darkness Spiritual Ruin power to deal with the storm. My body felt like it was being sliced by thousands of blades, it was really painful and my health started to drop!

Li Yang was right in front of me and he kicked my chest. I flew out and smashed into a wall.

“Is that all the skill you have!?”

Li Yang laughed, “Just a Heaven Realm, is that any different to an ant to an Eternal Realm king? Do you think you can fight back? Let me tell you, after killing you, I will swallow your Shura Bloodline, my strength will increase by 50% after that. Scoff, Yun Yue won’t be my match. When I get back, the first thing I will do is to do her!”

“Hua la…”

I stood up. I just felt like all my strength was sucked out after the few attacks. The moment Li Yang was using the darkness dragon energy to attack, I raised my hand and used -- Muddy Waters!

All of a sudden, the area was covered in a mist. Li Yang charged into range and couldn’t see anything at all. I dashed forwards and used Hunter’s Edge, Flames of Karma and Annihilation. After which I fled and then used Apprehension+ Wooden Dummy.

All of a sudden, the sound of the wind and birds connected and swept around Li Yang to deal shocking numbers. The wooden dummy also triggered the seaweed on the ground and they turned into soldiers that charged at him. Moreover, they used my stats as their base so one could imagine how high their damage was. Li Yang was sliced so badly that he roared out in rage.    

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