Chapter 527- Li Yang's ambition
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Zhan Yue Chapter 527- Li Yang's ambition

North of the map was an endless ocean. Streaks of golden light shone from the bottom of the ocean and helped to light up the sky. At the shore, a bunch of people was facing off.

Sword Two and Sword Three had pulled out their weapons and they looked forwards coldly. Beside them were Two Balls and Dong Yuanbai. All of them looked furious. Opposite them was Li Yang whose body was covered in darkness dragon energy and he was holding a black thing. On close look, it was Sword One’s head.

I walked out from White Cloak state and pulled out my daggers. A streak of darkness descended from above and I entered Darkness Transformation. I gritted my teeth, “Li Yang you bastard!”

“Senior Brother July Wildfire!”

Sword Three’s body shook and he teared up, “Li Yang killed senior brother!”

“I know.”

I looked at Li Yang, “I know you are a bastard but I didn’t expect you to be this bad!”

“Good timing!”

Li Yang raised the head and smiled, I am the young master, anyone that goes against me will die. July Wildfire, you are the first to dare to do so, then… You should be the first to die. This is the Sulfur Flame God Hall, Yun Yue that bitch won’t be able to protect you anymore, prepare to die!”

“Senior Brother!”

The Black Castle disciples pulled their blades out, “We will fight alongside you!”

Although I was touched but I knew that they weren’t the match for Li yang. If he went all out he would kill all of them, including Two Balls and Dong Yuanbai. None of them would be able to block one move. The reality was just so cruel.


At that moment, there was a loud bell. The sound of a boat rowing spread from the mist and a lamp shook in the air. A broken boat sailed through the mist and appeared in front of us. A sailor was rowing and at the head of the boat was an old man with a lamp. He was in a grey robe and I couldn’t see his face, “Do you want to cross the river to head to the god hall?”

“A boat to Sulfur Flame God Hall?” Zhou Ya got excited.

Li Yang retracted his hateful gaze and said coldly, ‘Since that is the case then prepare to head up. Before I see the grass, I don’t want to kill.”

I turned around and walked over slowly. I was stunned, there were huge holes in the body of the boat. The old man was just bones and he was someone who had died long ago. This was a ghost boat so nothing could come out of us boarding it!

But this seemed like the only way to the Sulfur Flame God Hall.

I thought back to the Water Avoidance Pearl and understood. Maybe the hall wasn’t here and it was underwater. Was this boat carrying us down? Or was the hall on a certain island?”

“Senior Brother?”

Dong Yuanbai frowned, “Should we head up?”

“Right, should we?” Sword Three questioned.

I nodded, “Yes if not we won’t be able to find the Sulfur Flame Grass. Take care of yourselves!”


We got up one by one. The moment Li Yang got up, I stretched an arm, “Li Yang return Senior Brother’s head to me? Since you killed him the head is useless too.”

“Scoff that’s true.”

He directly tossed the head over but when he tossed it, darkness dragon energy wrapped around it and it exploded in my head. Darkness flames covered my body and my health started to drop. I gritted my teeth and entered Darkness SHura state. Lightning surged around me and I suppressed the flames.

“Senior Brother!”

Sword Three was shocked.

“Don’t get close!”

I lowered my voice, “I am fine, don’t worry.”

I used the Spiritual Ruin to suppress the flames and after 20 seconds, everything was dealt with.


Li Yang laughed coldly, “Just one bit of god power and you are like that. July Wildfire I had too high hopes for you, you aren’t worthy of being my match at all.”

I smiled, “Whatever you say!”

I turned around and carried Sword One’s head to Sword Two and Sword Three, “Senior Brother’s head. Keep it. I buried his corpse so once you return to Black Castle bury his head.”

“En, thank you.”

Sword Three took the head and wrapped it with a white cloth before putting it into a storage bag.


At this point, dozens of us were up on the boat. It left the shore and sailed into the mist. The sound of the rowing sent a chill down our spines.

I held my daggers throughout in front of the disciples and was wary about Li Yang’s sneak attack. He just stood at the front of the boat with his arms behind his back. This was the king energy that belonged to the darkness god dragon. He dared to turn his back on us which meant that he was confident to defeat all of us. Zhou Ya was different, he would glance back and he was filled with worry.

At that moment, a golden light shone from below and covered the ocean in gold.

“We are here.”

The old man smiled and turned towards us. He said, “Esteemed guests, you are here at Sulfur Flame God Hall, your journey is over too. Go down, below. You will get Eternal Life and any treasure you want!”

Water surged from below and the entire boat buzzed and started to crack.

“See you soon!”

The old man laughed before flying behind, he turned into a wandering spirit.

“You want to leave?”

Li Yang spread his palm and instantly turned the old man’s soul into dust. Too strong, even a soul couldn’t flee from an Eternal Realm expert.

A bright crescent moon shone down and we felt like we were forced into the water. Even someone as strong as Li Yang couldn’t escape and he was forced down.

“Gudu-- Gudu--”

I frowned and used the Water Avoidance Pearl right away. Blue light covered me and I was able to breathe. My movement became smooth too. The Black Castle disciples descended into the deep ocean alongside me.


“Be careful!”

Sword Two pulled out his blade and warned everyone.

Everyone started to channel their internal energy to allow themselves to survive underwater. Below, there were black tentacles that shot towards us like arrows!

“Be careful!”

I waved my daggers and attacked under Flames state. I sliced many of the sharp spikes and my daggers clanged from hitting metal. After the spikes were sliced, they suddenly became soft and turned into tentacles that floated up.

Shifang Flame Spiral Eye open!

I looked out and my heart felt cold. Right below was a giant octopus waiting for us. It had many tentacles and it made one feel numb. Right away there were disciples that couldn’t dodge and they were pierced, dying on the spot.


Li Yang pointed forwards and a finger filled with darkness flames shot forth and pierced its body. There was a loud explosion and he killed it instantly.

The disciples were shocked and realised that the gap in strength was just huge.


“Young man, you are too violent you will hurt yourself!”

Deep within, that old voice spread out once more.

“Scoff, who are you to teach me?!”

Li Yang held his hands behind his back and his body was covered in darkness dragon energy. He charged deep into the ocean and said, “This is all an illusion, open up!”


Energy waves spread out and it was like the ocean started to crack as things looked totally different. There was actually an old palace hidden within. It was covered in fire. This was the legendary Sulfur Flame God Hall, we were finally here!

“Stop him!”

The old man raged, it was obvious that he was furious.

On the sides of the palace were many old statues that slashed with their weapons. These old weapons shone cold and were still really sharp, “You ants, how do you dare to stop me?! Dragonform!”

Li Yang turned into a darkness dragon and shattered the statues at the sides. He waved his arms and they turned into two claws. He directly shattered the giant gate and he charged forwards right away. What did he want to do!?


With the Water Avoidance Pearl effect, my speed was only slower than him. I dashed forwards and said solemnly, “I will follow him and see what this bastard wants to do. Search for the Sulfur Flame Grass right away so that he doesn’t get it, quick!”

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