Chapter 526- Sword One got attacked
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Zhan Yue Chapter 526- Sword One got attacked

I searched once more and didn’t notice any other treasure. Only this Water Avoidance Pearl was worthy. I entered White Cloak state once more and continued to move forwards. But a few steps later, I smelled something, I didn’t even need to think and knew that it was a herb!

I raised my hand and felt the direction of the wind, it was from the right!

I charged out with my dagger and not far away, a small hill appeared once more. The hill wasn’t high but there was a dark blue world ender. When I was 40 yards out, I saw a lightning flash split from the world ender and charge at me!


The lightning took 30 thousand of my health. This was a killing formation, moreover, it also sensed me and even my White Cloak state was removed.

“Young warrior!”

An old voice spread from the sky, “The herbs here are for the heir of the Sulfur Flame God Hall, please let us go, thank you!”


I looked into the sky, “I really need these herbs. If I can’t win this battle, all I have will disappear. Senior please forgive me!”

“Forget it!”

He said solemnly, “If you have the skill then take it!”

“Thank you!”


I looked at the killing formation and every time I was 40 yards away I would get hit and the damage would be really high. What was awkward was that this was a formation so I wouldn’t get health from attacking it so I had to find another way. I raised my hand and placed a Bloodthirst Banner. After hitting the banner, I gained health!

Although it was shameless but I had no choice.


I used Annihilation and the moment I crit, a killing energy shield appeared around me. This was the Assassin’s level 100 skill that increased our survivability. The moment Killing Energy Protection appeared, I charged in and raised my hand. I used Apprehension+ Wooden Dummy. It attacked the formation’s durability and my wooden soldiers also attacked. Along with the lightning hitting back, it was chaos. I took this chance to attack before retreating, not giving it a chance to hit back.

Just like that, once the cooldowns were up, I did it again.

After ten times, the formation was filled in cracks.


A helpless sigh spread from afar, “Young warrior you win.”

I laughed and attacked once more, this time the formation was destroyed. I charged deep into the medicine garden but like before, the herbs were taken in a previous battle or destroyed. Only the tree at the center had a flame wrapped fruit that gave out a scent.


Right when I was about to pick it, a Seven Star Flame Wolf arrived.

I summoned Orange Night and White Bird and spent a few minutes teaching it a lesson. Like before, I didn't kill it and allowed it to leave. Then I walked forwards and picked up these red apple-like fruits. Instantly my eyes lit up and the stats floated out--

Dust Forgetting Fruit: A fruit formed in a holy land. Each one has a past life and a present life, after eating this one can see through reincarnation and death, obtaining the power of the past and the present, health +500%, Attack+200%, defence +300%, lasting for 5 minutes.


Just one fruit but it made me really excited. This was a fruit that increased stats! What I needed was tools like this, without enough stats, how would I be able to fight against Eternal Realm monsters like Li Yang?

I was delighted and threw it in right away.

I looked around and there was nothing else.

But at that moment, the old man’s voice landed once more, “Young warrior, you… Are you trying to kill someone stronger than you?”


I nodded, “But I am too weak. I am Heaven Realm but he is Eternal Realm.”

“Actually, you are really strong, if you can break through and step into Spiritual Ruin Realm, with your bloodline and skills, you might be able to defeat him.”


I was stunned, “Does senior know who that is?”

“I can guess a little.”

The old man said solemnly, “Just young warrior, can we have a deal.”

“Senior please speak.”

“I will try my best to help you defeat him but you must promise that even if you enter Sulfur Flame God Hall that you can only take one Sulfur Flame Grass and not more?”


I nodded, “I don’t need much.”


He said solemnly, “Two miles east here is a damaged garden and you just need to dig a little below a red tree and you will find an old fruit. This fruit will help you a lot.”

“Great, thank you!”


I trusted the master of this voice, from that I could judge that he wasn’t a vicious person but someone of principles.

A person should get close to people with principles and stay far away from those without.

I went two miles east.

As expected, an abandoned garden appeared ahead. There was not even a world ender here. At the center was a dead five meter tall tree. It didn’t have a single leaf and it looked like it was dead for many years. A headless corpse lay there and it was probably someone who died fighting for something good.

I kicked it away and carefully started to dig. Not long later, a red fruit was like a hawthorn fruit but it was filled with the power of flames like it would explode at any moment. I held it in my hands and it was like a burning piece of charcoal.

I waved and its stats appeared--

Blistering Flame Fruit: A rare fruit that was formed from the Blistering Flame Tree but each tree will only bloom once in its life and have one fruit so it is really precious. After eating it, one would get large amounts of essence energy and can help cultivators to break through. After use, lifesteal increased by 100%, critical strike increased by 100%, moreover one would suffer less damage for 5 minutes.


Another herb to raise stats!

I sucked in a deep breath and felt really excited. However, I felt slightly sad. Based on the difficulty of the starlight Grade quest, I had to use everything to defeat Li Yang so I would definitely use them all in the god hall. If not, if I ate it outside,. I feel like I could easily deal with both Yanshi Bugong and Feng Canghai. They wouldn’t have a chance at all!

I placed it into my bag and placed the other two fruits beside it so that I could pick it up right away. I remembered where they were in case I had to spend too much time searching for it.

I dashed down the hill and continued into the distance. At that moment, the map buzzed and flames surged like I was receiving a notification.


I was stunned, it should be the Sulfur Flame Grass if not there wouldn’t be such a notification. After all I was a player and maps should have notifs.

I entered White Cloak state and flew towards the north.

Five minutes later, a broken garden appeared ahead. The moment I dashed across, I saw a corpse on the ground. His clothing was very familiar and a broken sword from the ancient battlefield was stabbed into his chest.

“Sword One!”

I charged over. Before coming I talked to Sword One but I didn’t expect that to be the last conversation. Moreover, when I saw his corpse my heart shook. His head was gone and his ribs were all shattered. There was also a very clear darkness dragon claw mark.

It was easy to guess who it was!

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“Li Yang!”

I stood up and clenched my fists, “I will definitely kill you!”

In my mind, I recalled what Sword One told me, “Junior Brother July Wildfire, I can tell that Li Yang wants to kill you, you need to be careful. Actually, when he said that he had already offended Li Yang, I didn’t expect his concern to actually make him get killed!

Rage rose up in my chest but I had no place to vent it. I could only dig a tomb and bury him with grass around in case wild beasts ate him.

I turned around and looked into the distance.


It was like dawn there and light spat out but this wasn’t dawn. This meant that a true treasure had appeared. This place was close to the north and Sword One’s corpse was still warm. Li Yang must have just left.

Time to go to the north!

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